Sunday, 12 April 2015

Taking a leap..

In late feb I decided to take yet another blogging break and try something crazy. Some people have doubted me but I know for a fact that in the end I'll get there. It has always been a dream to work with makeup but whenever I said that I always got a look of 'your not pretty enough/that's a stupid career' not everybody is intelligent in the logical sense.. I'm certainly not. I tried so hard in my A-levels even when people thought I hadn't and in the end my own body gave up and let me down for three whole months. At the end of feb and beginning of march I bit the bullet and went searching all over the internet for something that would give me a qualification in Make up art.

I really had a hard time finding something that wouldn't be going away for 3 to 6 weeks, but I had failed to see what was right in front of my face.. QC Makeup Academy right at the top of my google search DUHHH!

This blog in now going to change.. make up looks (if my camera works out) and my experience with the course. I'm currently on my second unit and a bit behind on my first goal. I'm already sick of the people i work with asking the same question 'HOWS THE COURSE' especially when I'm there a lot of my week but, I just can't wait to create my own sense of style on this course and finally find myself.

If you want any information on QC, search them online (you do have to pay to take the course) but theres other courses you can take. I'm on the Master Makeup Course. In the picture below is what I recieved in the mail.. a free book and lots of palettes and brushes as well as my actual work with dvd's. You get a personal tutor who you can email and a student forum to meet people just like you!

Wait for more in the future but just to clarify.. I still love makeup reviewing and books so do expect them still!

I posted a picture on instagram of everything I got in the package if you wanna look.