Friday, 2 January 2015

Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham

I have always loved Lena Dunham's work I watched Girls the minute it came out and when I learned of Tiny Furniture I jumped on watching it. I brought this book when it first came out in the UK, I couldn't wait to start reading it as soon as I got home.. and it sure did deliver. 

This book, I'd say it's kind of a biography as well self-help and advice. I think in a way, it could help a lot of girls struggling in different situations even boys. It touches on subjects such as Weight, Homosexuality and Sex. Much of the book is really set in hers years through college, some childhood and a little of her adult working life. S hes got this raw humor that she adds into her work that just really makes things so brilliant. I hate watching shows that sugar coat everything.. nothing is how it really is.. the show Girls actually had what I'd call normal people (people that perfect in weight, hot blondes) and not just drama all the time like most shows. And that's what I liked about this book as well, most biographies go from one drama to the next of what happened in these peoples lives and it's like... did that really happen in the space of a week, I liked that shes so normal even though she is famous and it's just refreshing to think that a celebrity hasn't added things in to make it sound better than it was.  She's honest about everything, about her family, her stories about college.. (it's what happens to most people when you go university or college) and her issues. 

Sorry I'm rambling.. 

My favorite part of the book was definitely the Body section and a small bit under the Section friendship called 13 Things I've Learned Are Not Okay to Say to Friends. I often find myself thinking some of those things oops. Section 2; Body was definitely the one that made me laugh the most. I just think that with girls today, most if not all would be able to relate. There's a time when most girls think they need to extreme diet and write down a journal of everything they eat and how many calories is in what. It's stupid to think we need to, we don't we just need to learn to love ourselves and be happy but it's nice to know that their are people in the media who've done it themselves.

And to round it off, If Lena Dunham ever does read this.. she'll probably think god this girl is crazy but she should know.. I loved the book and would definitely read it again which is something I rarely do.. especially with bio's. 

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