Wednesday, 7 January 2015

No More Dirty Looks - Siobhan O'Connor

I picked this book up around, start of December end of November time after I heard Ashley from youtube channel MakeupTIA, shes very into using organic products on her skin and feeding her skin healthy products, in the last year I also have increased my use of organic and natural products whilst still treating myself to luxury products occasionally. 

This book focuses on the ingredients we feed our skin and the governments opinions on the products that are contained in the products we use. I became interested in this also when I watched a documentary on modern women in the 1800's and 1900's and the products they used to make themselves more beautiful to the man and themselves. Pumping toxins and horrible ingredients into their skin without even knowing it, even rat poison. Around the world, law states that companies have to list what is used in their products, however you never know how much is in the product and like the USA we do not know what is used within the product 'fragrance and perfume' because they simply don't have to list it. This book is such an insightful way of learning what most products have in them, how it affects us and how it will be listed. This book doesn't tell you to throw away all your products, it just informs you a bit more on what is in there and how it can affect your health in the long run. 

For me, I got a lot of products from Christmas therefore, I'm going through my supply and sticking to the products I know are clean and safe. I do not plan on throwing away my makeup because it's got a bad ingredient in there, I'm just making wiser choices when it comes to simple things like Shampoo, deodorant and face cleansers. 

This book also tells you what foods are great for your body and skin, and how often you should eat it. Siobhan and the other author Alexandra Spunt wrote this in a really clever way, they really added their personality into the book so it didn't feel like just constant information being thrown at you. 
I'm very aware on what I'm putting on my head and face especially, all you think about after you've read this is absorption and how much is sinking into your skin.  I took a few recommendations from the book itself and did some research myself.

I feel like new year is the perfect time to read this, new year new you right? Give it a try and see how you feel once you had a read.. at first you wanna throw everything away but you do realize that would be a waste of money. 

Things I changed; 
Deodorant - I now use a brand called Jason, you can purchase this at Target (USA) and Holland and Barrett (UK) or online at FeelUnique. However not all the line uses clean ingredients but most stuff does.  
Shower gel - Once I use up a few other things, I plan on sticking to the company REN for some luxury, Deepsteep and Dr Bronners. I also know that Burts Bees don't use sulfates and I will be using a few L'Occitane products as it's my favorite. For bath salts, I love the Neal's Yard brand. 
Shampoo -  John Masters Zinc Shampoo and Conditioner, Aveda Scalp Benefits and Macadamia.. Shampoos without sulfates can often feel very different, which the book does warn you. They do not foam up like normal shampoos and you need very little. So you're under the illusion that it's not cleaning you as well. 


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