Friday, 4 July 2014

theBalm's How Bout' Them Apples? Review.

I've wanted this palette ever since I saw Emily Noel review it on her youtube channel. I am a cream product lover, especially when it comes to blushes I just think that they blend and wear beautifully. I don't' have dry skin but cream products just give you such a glow on the skin. 
This palette was brought out sometime at the beginning of 2014, if it was brought earlier, I never saw it. Like all theBalm products it has fantastic vintage artwork and has great products inside. 

 This palette comes with six lip and cheek products ranging from nudes to reds even a little bit of shimmer if you want it. When you open it, like you see in the picture you get a topless man next to the blush, easy on the eyes but I can't quite understand why it all looks like Brockback Mountain.. anyone else with me on that..

This swatches here's a small run down on all the colours. 
Caramel - Look's brown in the pot but however is more of deeper pink on the skin. On the cheeks this is great to draw away attention from the eye's giving you a powerful 90's lip or bright cheek. However.. the man on this pan.. gives me the creeps..I think it's because hes the only one smiling.. 

Candy - A bright barbie pink, a perfect everyday colour if you just want a light flush on the lips probably one of the easiest colours to find a dupe for lip wise and harder on cheeks with drugstore blushes. 

Crisp - This is the shade with a gold shimmer, the closest think I could find it the Bahama Mama blush from theBalm however this is a slightly lighter shade of pink and the shimmer sticks around longer than the blush. This is the only shade I do not use. 

Pie - Is my favorite shade out of all of them, which is strange because I am pale however I just love this warm redy pink, however have a light hand. 

Cobbler - This is the red, comes off with a pinky tinge so it's not a crazy red and will not make you look like a cartoon charactor. 

Cider - This is the nude, I like to use this if I have a smokey shade on my eyes, and it's also a nice want to mix with the others just to tone them down if you've gone to far. 

ASOS now features theBalm on their website which is where I brought this for £26 click here for that. And FeelUnique also carries theBalm but has yet to feature this palette. 


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