Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Battle of the Liquid Liners.

It's been some time again, sorry! 

So for the last few months I've been testing out various black liquid eyeliners to see which one holds up the best, is waterproof and can stay just as black 8 hours into my day. As you know I do work long hours, I'm up on my feet most of the day so I do get hot and sweaty which means the rest of my makeup is pretty much gone by the end. I don't wear primer during the day, I'd rather not feel suffocated by my own face. 

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes. - This once is my most recent try, I was impressed on my first use, tip is small and precise, it WAS black as night and was waterproof even after a good eye rub however after my first use on the second day it seemed to be faded already and slightly dried out, I always put the caps on properly so there was no excuse, so for me not really up to my standards and at £15 I expected a bit more. 

Stila Stay All Day - At the moment this is my favorite it works wonders, stays all day and is waterproof my only fault is that the tip does fray away a bit after about two weeks however my current one is still so black after a month. However I have just invested in a new one people I know they have use by dates. £13 Comes in an array of colours. 

Maybelline Master Precise - This is my second favorite and although it is not waterproof is really impressed me for drugstore, I chose this over my Soap and Glory Supercat which you all know I love because it's cheaper but works exactly the same but the Soap and Glory dries slightly quicker both of them are around £6, but the Maybelline is $5.99, 1p makes all the difference. The tip is long and thin not so tough but sturdy. 

L'Oreal Super Liner (Perfect Slim) - L'Oreal also do this one with a thicker tip but in my head I wouldn't want something quick that big in my face near my eyeball, this one was nice and even though I haven't used it in months it is still pretty black the only problem I have is that the formula is so watery if you had oilly lids it would seperate into the creases luckily I don't but I have to think of others when I'm reviewing this stuff.  £6.99 

So there you go, the battle goes on. If you have any suggestions, i will be venturing out of the pens soon but at the moment they're just my favorites. 


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