Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mother, Mother - Koren Zailckas

I picked this book up, strangely in the Mothers day section of books in Tescos - I wouldn't get this for my mum.. although it's about a mother, it's not exactly about a lovely mother or a cheerful book to be straight. 
For me this was a really nice read to get me back into the groove of things after a good break from reading some heavy classics. 

I really enjoyed this book.. the only problem for me was that there are no chapters so when I said to my mum, 'hold my page' - then went to read the back and closed the book I couldn't exactly find the page easily. Each section runs from William Hurst and Violet Hurst two child in this family of five. Violet is a typical teenager dealing with a lot of changes in her life, she's exploring a lot of things like drugs, religion and different looks (she shaves off her hair) which her mother doesn't like and they end up fighting a lot. William is his mothers favorite, this 'autistic' boy is incredibly attached to his mother because they are together constantly and he sees himself as protecting her from their other daughter Rose who ran away from their mother earlier on. The story develops from one event between Violet and her brother from there on, a lot of secrets are unraveled  and events occur from the first. The whole book is quite shocking and very surprising and you really develop a love for the character of Violet especially towards the end. There is probably someone in your life who will remind you of Josephine the mother because of her self obsessed attitude throughout the whole book and her pityful husband called Douglas. The book however, never writes in the opinions of Rose, Josephine or Douglas only Violet and William.
For me the ending was the most surprising but I won't spoil it. In my opinion this book was written beautifully and can be read by anyway between 16 to late adulthood although if you are under 16 I would ask for permission as the book does contain subject matters like Abuse, Suicide, Abortions and Alcoholism. This book is fiction

Koren Zailckas has also written a non-fiction book called Smashed (Story of Drunked Girlhood) which is a New York times best seller, in today's society this story will touch a lot of young women with the struggles of peer pressure to drink at a young age and I do plan on reading this when I get the chance. 

I got Mother Mother for £4 in Tesco but in a general bookstore like waterstones it is £7.99 without discount.
Koren Zailckas also has her own website

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