Monday, 7 April 2014

Are you going natural?

Introducing natural products to your skincare routine can really disrupt your skin, break outs are prone to most people who go straight from chemical to natural products. This is because most natural products are to rich and heavy for your skin to really love and let it all sink in, from all those chemicals the skin really rejects it in a nasty way because it's so foreign to your skin. Heres some great ways and tips to add the natural stuff in a moderated way, giving your skin time to adjust and react - your skin is your biggest organ and it's the mask you wear on the outside so you need to look after it. 

Manuka Honey: 
Honey is a great thing not just to eat but to cleanse the skin  - it's a natural defense against bacteria which means it will prevent breakouts and further breakouts by blocking the bacteria entering the spot during your sleep, I would not recommend cleansing your skin with Manuka honey during the day time it might give you a slight greasy look. Methylglyoxal is the main antibacterial component in honey also known as MG, unlike normal honeys Manuka nectar has a larger and stronger amount because of another component dihyroxyacetone.

Leave the manuka honey on for 15-20 minutes, doing this regularly can reduce the appearance of scars, reddness and reduce acne production: make sure you buy 100% raw manuka honey. 

Jojoba Oils: 
Have you got stubby eyelashes? Jojoba oil helps with the growth of hair, not only that but it can slow the production of grey hairs coming through which is why so many companies put Jojoba oil in their hair care products. Using pure jojoba oil can really nourish your lashes and if you have bad eyebrows it could help there, however don't apply this in a stupid fashion - your not washing your make up off with this. Apply a few drops to the end of a cotton tab or q-tip and apply how you would a eyeliner, close to the lash line.

For skin you can use this like a serum, by gentle padding it to the skin, for extra nourishment this acts as a lovely pick me up, it's packed with essential oils like B & E and minerals like Zinc. Add it to your sugar lip scrub or your evening moisturizer. Most jojoba oil are meant to come in it's true form, as a wax but you can buy it in a liquid/oil form. 

Coconut Oil: 
This is a bit of a maybe I will maybe I won't product.. it's great in the hair for added nourishment if you have coloured or dry hair. Coconut oil comes in a waxxy consistency and you can wash your face with it however it has no great benefits for acne prone skin other than the fact that it's natural and better for your skin to be soaking in, remember when your using those chemical products everything is being adsorbed it's not just sitting there. Coconut oil is fab for that skin which is super dry, it really gets into those fine lines and makes your skin look plump and healthy. 

Try using this as a hair mask or a face mask, for face simple spread on and leave for 10-30 minutes even overtime if you wanted to, for hair your can rub it through by itself however you can add a few other things: Banana for potassium which heals damaged hair, Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a healthy glow and nutrients for damaged/brittle hair, and Honey for the restorative properties. 

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