Thursday, 13 March 2014

Radiant Orchid #1 Lips

The colour of the year this time around is a beautiful colour, but most girls are too scared to rock something so bold. Radiant orchid however can range from a mid toned purple, to lilac to a vibrant fuchsia. As long as the under tone is a purple you can blag it as Radiant orchid. For me, I'm not so keen on rocking a bright lip during the day.. I range from pinks to a light red to nude.. and definitely nude at work otherwise I'd clash with my uniform which wouldn't look great. 

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite lipsticks which can be considered in this Radiant orchid family. My first pick is my favorite lipstick from Revlon, Wild Orchid.. Its a beautiful orchid with a slight blue radiance running through it making it look juicy and really 3D, the colour I think would suit a lot of people, bright colours don't really suit me that much because of my skin tone however this one does. It does lean more on the purple side. 

The Next is Cherries in the snow by Revlon.. a beautiful colour but mainly for night time and winter, it's a very warm shade but is good for summer if you like. I do think this is the perfect snow white kind of colour for my appearance as I can look whiter with vibrant shades. (If I want that look) Sadly I have to play with my pale skin because I do not tan. This colour really helps with that look! 

Rimmel also do some fab shades in this range, Fun time Fuchsia is a lovely shade perfect for all skin tones and all year around with it's moisturizing and comfortable formula however for a longer wear time, the Apocalips line has a very vibrant shade in Apocoliptic just make sure it doesn't bleed or get on your teeth. 

A few high end picks are, Urban Decays lipsticks in 69 and Streak, from what I can tell Streak is fairly similar to the Revlon shade in Wild Orchid.. so I'm curious to buy it. Mac also has a few picks, Heroin, Girl about Town and Saint Germain. 
OCC Liptars also do a few good shades to rock if you are brave. 

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