Wednesday, 5 March 2014

February Favorites 2014

Hi guys, sorry I've been away. My schedule has changed a lot within the last few months because of work. My hours have been increased so I really have been neglecting the blog and neglected reading them.. sometimes I'll come home to a poor dusty laptop. Which kind of makes me sad however it is more money and I'll just have to work around it. Because my routine has changed a lot I've also not really had to chance to go out and look for new stuff to use or see whats up and coming. Although with today as a day off.. there'll be a lot of browsing for next pay day. 

My first favorite is a body item, even though my routine is all different I'm trying my hardest to take care of my skin, body and hair because I feel like I neglected one or the other if I'm focusing on getting just one perfect. I popped into lush one day and got the Ocean Salt Body and Face scrub.. which I've used on both but find I only really wanna use this on my face once a week to really deeply exfoliate. This has really made my skin smooth and fresh. It has a fresh smell, because it has limes in the mixture along with coco and almond oils.. plus vodka.. which I don't really get. However it really is nice and leaves a nice layer on the skin without feeling sticky or greasy. 

I finally found a primer that I enjoy, I was gifted the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser from the Body Shop on my birthday, once I got through my samples in December I opened this bad boy up, I really like this because with the Tea Tree activating in it I feel like I'm not completely clogging my pores up and if I do have spots, they aren't really being messed around with this stuff. It also makes my make up last all day. 

Bourjois do my favorite foundation that's full coverage and they actually cater for girls who aren't tanned, and that are in fact.. pale as snow like me.. Dramatic but true. They recently came out with a CC Cream and CC Eye Cream, I picked up the CC Cream because.. during the day for work I don't like having foundation on I just like a light layer which is just going to deal with some of my redness and have SPF. This does that and more, it's a very liquidy formula which I'm not used to but you really don't need a lot because of this. You can just rub it in with your hands or a sponge.. no brush is needed really. So if you like CC Creams like me.. then pick this one up. 

I got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 in Jan and it really is the best decision I made, in my head with palettes they'll always be a colour I just won't use like a Blue or dark smokey shade.. this palette though is very different.. I love all the shades.. literally all of them. The only ones I really avoid is the super sparkly ones because during the day they're just a little too intense. Dust is really funny in my palette and really powdery. If you don't have this go and get it, my favorite combo at the moment is Liar all over the lid and Mugshot in the outer corner. 

I've also been loving two mac shadows this month, Phloof! and All that Glitters, together they create just a lovely bright angel eyed look. with just a bit of mascara and a dot of nude liner you really create a lovely bright awake look. I have been loving my Clinique palette as well I didn't wanna include two palettes. 

A new mascara I've been loving is the Bourjois Ultra Care Volume Glamour, I've had pretty sensitive eyes recently, early mornings and sty's are making that problem occur. So I brought this thinking, oh i'll just use it until my sty has gone but this was really nice.. although I've never used a fiber wand it worked really nicely and gave natural and long lashes. 

Until next time, 


  1. The Naked 3 is truly amazing! I really like the Body Shop. I've used the Tea Tree minimizer and it used to work on me, but I don't think it does much now.

    I've heard such good things about the real techniques brand. Would love to hear your opinion too. I might just have to buy one myself just to see if what I'm hearing is true!

    May from La Vie En May

    1. I use the real techniques sponge and brushes but i don't really do reviews on things that are super hyped up, but it is worth it.. i do wanna try the beauty blender though. The real techniques one leaves a beautiful finish.. i actually just hate washing makeup sponges to be honest ahah!