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The Books That Changed Me..

Part one of my book series. 

For a few days I've been really loving some new books however, I've neglected a few of my old favorites so I thought today I'd share a post on the books that have really influenced me to change or look at a new perspective in life. I've always loved reading and I can sit through and read a book I really don't like - I've also gone through various genres like I have a lot of books on child psychology, auto biographies and all sorts. I also have many of the well known books that will be famous because of films or simply because they're quite popular like 'A boy called It', My Sisters Keeper, The Shining, Twilight etc. 

Today I'll be going through some of my favorite books or the author for one, if I have posts for the book I'll link it below. These will be semi sort reviews on what I thought about the book not giving any of it away. 

Starting with the Paper backs on the left - 
Virginia Andrews (V.C Andrews), Flowers in the Attic - This is part of a five book series, this one being a being the first, flowers in the attic is a very touching story and it's well known for its time and touches on many subjects those families would have dealt with like; Acceptance, incest, arranged marriages, hidden children and poisoning. It follows the four children of the Dollanganger family - the second oldest child Cathy is the books narrator you all reading it all from a teenage girls perspective. There are three other children Christopher the oldest and the two youngest Carrie and Cory, in short the book is about how when their beloved father dies, the mother is left with no money - she seeks refuge in her mothers home but the children must be kept out of sight so that she can win back the love from her father. The children are forced to live in horrible conditions and must obey the cruel grandmothers rules.  It's an incredible book and there is a film that was made after however I feel that you have to read the book to understand and fully feel the situation the children are put in. 

Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird - I actually thought this was a very light hearted read compared to some of the books I've read in the past but it does touch on subjects like Racial injustice and The destruction of childhood innocent. Some schools even banned the book from the class because of the subjects in the book. In short it follows the children of Atticus Finch, Jem and Scout who live during the Depression in a small town in America. The Children are fascinated by their neighbor Boo who is rarely spoken of in the village and will not be spoken about, it follows their two summers with a boy called Dill. Their father, who is a lawyer is appointed to defend a man called Tom Robinson who is accused of raping a woman and things go from there on. Although some aspects of this book is horrible I actually focused more on the innocence of the children which made it an incredible read. You really get involved with these characters especially the mysterious Boo Radley.

Stephen King, Rose Madder - This one of those Stephen King books that I find is rarely spoken about, but it's actually my favorite I've read this one around five times, yet I've read most of Stephen Kings books because he's an incredible writer especially when it comes to horror. Stephen King has a way of making you connect with every character - This book especially, it deals with the subject of Domestic Violence against a woman named Rosie, who suffers a miscarriage because her husband Norman beats her so much. When she's had enough she finally leaves him which follows a sequence of events in the book. What I love about this book, is that the character of Rosie is so innocent and light hearted you really feel her emotions which for me is unlike any other book Stephen King has written because my fear wasn't for what would happen in the story it was for what would happen to Rosie. I'd also recommend Carrie and Under the Dome, the book of Under the dome is incredible do not watch the TV Show first. 

Christos Tsiolkas, The Slap - This was a strange book to read, it follows in paragraph each familys perspective on one event which happened at a party and how the families are dealing with it. The event is very easy to assume - the slap, is against a naughty child with very relaxed but protective parents. Each family is incredibly different but the book is so amazing that you realize that not all families bring up their children the same and that's why they act the way they do. If you're studying anything to do with counselling, sociology or psychology I would definitely say read this. 

John Green, The Fault in our Stars - I've already done a review on this, I found is truly incredible, and I've gotta say.. I cried a lot with My Sisters Keeper but I cried much more with this even though they're incredibly different they both touched me in the same way. John Green is an AMAZING writer, I cannot wait for the film - Here's my review.. 

Emma Donoghue, The Room - This follows a woman and her child through their journey of captivity, they live simply in a room to live. The boys story is a lot more moving than the mothers for me, I got incredibly pissed off with the mother towards the end but you can kind of understand. Despite his age he's very under educated and not very well brought up in terms of development, he's very ill like the mother is. This is a very moving story and easy to follow, a good read if you are interested in the story although it may upset some people. 

Jill Mansell - She's just my favorite author, this book I'm still to read but, I've read a lot of her books they are just great stories about things that happen to NORMAL people, not crazy things. She writes mainly Romance, Comedies and she does it very well! 

Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus - This was kind of the first Fantasy novel I truly enjoyed. It is probably my favorite novel of all time, it's just so mysterious and fun that you cannot stop reading. In short its a book set in Victorian London, the circus will never appear during the day but comes from sunset to sunrise, it follows the two characters of Celia and Marco. If you like things like the Prestige, The Circus of Ghosts and fantasy novels you will love this, except it's so different from any fantasy novel. This is a modern day fairy tale..

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