Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New: From Clinique.

Clinique has recently came out with a new palette, now all of the more popular bloggers would of been given a first look but I had to go and buy this like anyone else so if you haven't seen this before, here's a look. This is an eight pan palette costing £32. It's from their collection called '16 Shades of Beige' which also comes with some really lovely nude nail polish's. (if your into nudes) 

This palette really is a neutral lovers dream except if you like mattes and not shimmers then look again., the whole palette ranges from soft shimmer to super shimmer. There's one shade which looks more satin finish but i'd say is more on the matte side (the transition shade).

The first shade is a beautiful highlight shade, its got a beautiful sheen to it as well, called Sugar Cane. The second is the lightest shade from the duo Diamonds and Pearls, its a pretty neutral shade with a tiny bit of shimmer. The third is a taupe-light brown out of the Neutral Territory. The fourth is the transition shade which is a satin finish, from the Day Into Date duo this is the one with the least shimmer to none at all. The fifth is my favorite shade, it's a gorgeous taupe with some brown shimmer in the glitter particles it's from the Polar Blue quad. The next is a darker warm shade called Hazy, this is one of them most shimmery shades. The next is Black Honey, a cult favorite in the blogger world, it's a deep browny red also a Super shimmer shade. The last the dark brown shade from the Morning Java quad, this is a great colour to really smoke out a look. 

Each of these shades can either be picked up in a quad, duo or single. 

Thanks for reading. 

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