Friday, 3 January 2014

Starting 2014 With Dior..

I popped into town yesterday for a few of the sales bits now that the hoardes of people have died down. I went into my department store and to the left.. a tiny stand with Dior products on sale, my dreams had come true. For me Dior is like the fairest and classiest of all makeup and fashion brands. I had been saving my boots points up for just the one lipsticks, at £26 pound.

I brought three for £15 each, for me that was a complete steal. All three are lip products the other things on sale were the eyeliners, the Christmas collection palettes (not that cheap) and a metallic nail varnish so I was drawn to the lipsticks and lip glosses.

I stuck to colours that I would definitely wear because you know, their expensive lipsticks. 
The long skinny one is the Rouge Dior Rouge Serum in shade Sweet Pink Crystals. This is a really nice sheer shimmery formula with slight colour kind of like the YSL Sheer Candys, it claims to give you fuller, more healthier lips in one month so we'll see. 
The second is also part of the Rouge collection and the one I was saving up for, this is the Voluptuous Care in Rouge Blossom which is a lovely current colour, quite a nice amount of colour and with claims of care as well it's a really nice moisturizing formula. 
And the last is part of the Addict range, I got the Vibrant Colour Shine one in Passionnee, this is a beautiful fuchsia pink but sheer and shiny. A really nice texture and easy to wear. 

From left to right - Passionee 771, Rouge Blossom 644 and Sweet Pink Crystals 645. 

Until tomorrow, 

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