Sunday, 12 January 2014

An All Week Pamper

I've recently been taking better care of my whole body as far as moisturizing goes, I've been really good at doing it morning and night. Which was my main new years resolution. As well as my skincare routine, my body care has expanded to a sort of routine. 

I really have always disliked mixing smells so I tend to stick to one scent or another morning and night, recently its been the warm winter scents like walnut, coconut and so on. 

I start off with my favorite body scrub of all time, the Body Shops Brazil Nut scrub is my favorite for winter time, it's got such a lovely cozy smell which kind of smells like something I ate when I was younger.. can't actually think what it is though. This scrub has an incredibly creamy consistency with large and small particles within the mix to full exfoliate the body. I use an exfoliater at least three times a week with my hands. £5 may be discontinued. 

I then go in with a body wash, and to match the warm scent I use the L'Occitane sample bottle of Shea Butter Shower Cream, I have used up the moisturizer of this which I loved, I'm trying to work through a big back stock before I use other stuff. This does have a similar warm scent to the scrub even though it is meant to smell like Shea butter. It does not particularly foam up like other shower gels, but it's incredibly moisturizing and if you were lazy you wouldn't need a moisturizer afterwards. Full size £13

For night time moisturizing I use the Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla Nourishing Lotion, this is very liquidy compared to the other Dove lotions I've used in the past but it's really made my skin feel lovely before I go to bed and the smell is amazing. The smell also lingers so, if you were wearing this during the day it may over power your perfume. £2.99 depending on where you go for 250ml bottle.

For day time, I've been using the Body shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion, this just has a very sweet but warm smell, it's a spray on bottle so it is an easy application, this soaks into the skin beautifully leaving your skin feeling soft and non sticky for the day ahead. £8

Tomorrow, i'll upload my skincare routine for a scent slightly sweeter.
Everything in this most is formulated for either normal to sensitive skin.
Side note, I do not have incredibly dry skin, my skin is normal on my body. 

Sorry about the picture, it did not want to turn when I uploaded.

Until tomorrow, 

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