Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Perfect Spot Fighting Duo!

My skin recently has been all over the place, so I decided to pull out some old stuff and give it another go, like in yesterdays post I mentioned that my skin reacted badly to the Simple skincare range. However now that it's changed it hasn't reacted so badly, although I am still nervous about trying the moisturizer. (It was horrible what happened) 

I dug out the two cleanser's by Simple I had, one was just a moisturizing one, which I've been using at night the other is a Spot fighting one (Simple Triple Action for Spotless Skin), which claims to have results from day one. It smells of aloe, so nothing horrible with a slight herbal smell. It has tiny exfoliating beeds in it. But what amazed me was what it said on the tube, was right. Unlike most spot fighting treatments this one does not completely dry your face up or leave it feeling tight. 

After my cleanser in the afternoon (just the normal simple cleanser) I put on the Origin's Clear Improvement mask around twice a week in area's where I have blackheads, spots or anything, I also put it just on my chin and t-zone to clear them because I do get oily there. The first time I used this I didn't use it properly and saw no results but the second time I saw a huge difference, my face was so much more fresher and just looked and felt more radiant. 
You put this on in the areas of which you want to then, around ten minutes later it will dry up and feel tight, when you wash it off. When I've washed it off I tend to cleanse my wash with just hot water again just to be sure. 

I got mine in a set of three for £25 but separately it's £22 (found on John Lewis, Selfridges and other department stores) 
The cleanser is cheap around £3-4 depending on deals, they also have cleansing wipes to go with this but I felt that they stung slightly on my eyes. 

This duo has worked amazingly for me and my spots had completely cleared up the next morning! 
I'd definitely consider trying this for yourselves. 

Until Tomorrow,

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