Monday, 16 December 2013

The One Swipe Neutrals!

There are days when every girl needs to plaster the makeup on in a dash and run out the door, in this post I'll be showing you my favorite one swipe eyeshadows for a quick and easy neutral just flattering look and tomorrow I'll show the one swipe bold and festive colours for that holiday quick look. For me I'm a neutrals girl, the only time I'll wear bolds is on occasions and the boldest i'll go is a mossy green or purple, I also am not a matte girl, the only time i'll wear matte is on my 'can't be bothered' days. I loveee shimmer. 

I took shadows from my most used palettes - Stila 'In the Light', The Naked Palette, Benefits boxed gift set 'Bronzed' and a few single shadows.  I also have a separate post on the Stila Palette if you are interested. There's a search bar at the bottom of the page. 

Left Swatchs; top to bottom, Rose Gold (Laura Mercier), Lilac and Amber (Clinique) 
Left to right swatchs: Kitten (Stila), Sin (Urban Decay) All that glitters (Mac) Thanks a Latte (Benefit) 

The Cream Shadows:
My most used are the Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes, the two I've chosed as perfect one swipes are 'Lavish Lilac' and 'Ample Amber'  Lavish Lilac is a very mutual purple with a greyish hue to it, which is why I kept it in the neutrals. The other chubby stick is a copper toned median brown. 

The Laura Mercier Cavier Sticks are also really quick and simple cream shadows for that one swipe look, the colour I've chosen is Rose gold which is just a lovely champagne colour. 

I also love the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini Tini but I know that those are very much hit and miss for most people so I just gave it a small mention. 

The Powder Shadows:
Stila In the Light palette is perfect for multiple one swipe shadows but my favorite is Kitten and Bubbly, (kitten shown above) Kitten is perfect with any shadow and perfect on it's own. The best bit is, it makes every single eye colour pop! 

Urban Decays Naked Palette - the shade Sin is my most used, it's a taupe hued champagne with lots of shimmer, this is perfect run out the door shade if you really only want that one colour look, it's also great for the festive season because of the glitter. 

Mac's All That Glitters is a shade I've had to warm to, at the start I thought it was just people being silly when they said this was their favorite shade, it's a pleasant gold toned shade with plenty of shimmer, however I'm still on the edge for this one on what to pair it with. 

Benefit's Thanks a Latte is one of my favorite shadows from them, it's the perfect rustic golden bronze shade and even without primer this is beautiful and bold. 

Until tomorrow, 

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  1. Really want that stila palette - all of your choices look so pretty! x