Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The One Swipe Bolds!

Like yesterdays post, today is going to be some great one swipe bold shades, as well as being great shades to pair with a neutral these look really nice by themselves. Bearing in mind, I don't wear blues, or smokey eyes all that often, blues never because I have blue eyes. 

Most of my nice bolds some from two palettes, which are my two Anastasia palettes which I did a post on a while a go, click here to see that

Mac Face Kit By Rebecca Moses (Plum) shows the first shade, however I find that Mac shadows are hard to swatch so sorry about that, the shade is Romance Me which is a beautiful dark plum with shimmer, it can be warn sheered out or dark like the swatch so it's quite a lovely colour to wear this time of year. 

Anastasia Cat Walk Palette has a shade called Strut in it, which is the post beautiful dark purple, although these palettes don't have the best pigmentation they are buildable so you can wear this one in multiple ways, it's not too shimmery and can come across slightly matte. 

The Anastasia Lavish Palette is so perfect for this time of year it's unbelievable this palette is mainly brights and bolds so it's perfect for a holiday look and perfect for this post. The shades I've chosen is Pink Sapphire which is a beautiful plum shade with plenty of shimmer, Moss which is the perfect tree green colour, great for Christmas day and Sienna which is a burnt orange which is perfect for holiday parties, new years and the season which just passed Fall. 

I've also picked out two of my favorite Mac eye shadows, Stars N' Rockets which is the most amazing purple with blue iridescence to it and Sumptuous Olive which for me is my go to mossy green shadow. 
[The face kit cannot be purchased anymore online but you can purchase Romance Me in a single pan.]

I have separate posts on the face kit also, the mac label should take you to it below, any questions please comment. 

Until tomorrow, 

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