Monday, 23 December 2013

Product Empties #5

These last few months have been really horrible with dry weather and sickness - I've been all about moisture and bubble baths. Lush baths have been my best friend which I obviously can't show you but there's my first empty really. I've had my winter cold.. and still in the process of that two week ordeal so my skin is looking tired and unloved even though I've been taking take of it. I've used up quite a lot of body and skincare products this month so here you go!

Starting off with my little samples I get - if you're wondering were I get samples, I often buy Instyle Magazine and Marie Clare Magazine - I get my perfume samples when I order off 

Aveeno - Daily Moisturizing Lotion; this was nice but I don't think I'd buy the full version I have a dove moisturizer which I like and does exactly the same thing which is cheaper, however it sank into the skin beautifully and smells pleasant. 

Ren - Evercalm Cleansing Milk and Day Cream; For me, these were pointless I wouldn't waste my money on products which didn't do anything for my skin I also have a big issue with putting something on my skin with such a big peppermint smell it just doesn't seem natural or good for the skin. 

Lancome - La Vie Est Belle; This was actually a really nice perfume in Jan I am buying the full size there is a view other perfumes I want first off. It's a really sweet feminine smell, not a teenage scent though. But it is expensive and I'm not prepared to pay for it this month at over £40 pound for 30ml.

L'Occitane - Ultra Gentle Moisturizer; L'Occitane is such a lovely high end brand, it annoys me how expensive it is, this was a really lovely moisturizer however there's a different one I want, this one was very thick for extremely dry skin which I do not have. 

L'Occitane - Ultra Rich Lotion; This will be the one I'll be buying full size, this is such a smooth moisturizer it sinks in like a dream and just smells clean. First I wanna use some of the back stock of the body butters and stuff I have. L'Occitane can be found via FeelUnique, Debenams and department stores. 

Lush - Ro's Argon Body Conditioner; I did a full review on this, however I won't be repurchasing this until summer time, I don't really get lazy until spring/summer time when my skin is fairly okay. Click here for the full review. 

Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub; Love this stuff, worked through one last time and currently working through a popcorn one.. which I don't like the smell of as much but yeah, I'm just too lazy to make my own. 

Origins - Ginzing Moisturizer; I'm currently working on my second one now, I love this stuff it works really nicely with my skin, smells delicious and click here for my full review with pros and cons. 

Michael Todd - Intensive Eye Treatment; This was really nice on my dry under eyes, I wish I still had it. COME TO THE UK MICHAEL TODD!  NOW PLEASE. 

Dove - Sakura and Plum Body Wash; This smells sooooo amazing, I love the dove body washes and I actually keep spares so.. kinda sad but yeah. Found at any boots or supermarket, you can also get the skin sets this time of year for a good price. 

Johnson's - Oil Balancing Face Wipes; Use these daily to remove my mascara and any left over makeup before bed and to remove swatches, they're really lovely to use and don't irritate the skin. Good for when you wanna be lazy! Around £3. 

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