Monday, 9 December 2013

Pretty In Pink!

So today I decided to do my nails, I've had a bit of a miserable day.. getting back on time with my sleeping pattern so I'm really just being lazy and as I haven't done a nail post in a while I decided today would be perfect.. sadly I will have to take it off before work on Thursday but hey ho, here's the nails for you. 

I started off by rubbing off my rushed removing from Sunday morning, I had a glitter blue on from Saturday nights Christmas party and had to quickly rub it off before work in the morning.  I use the Taylor Taylor Nail Polish Remover, but to be honest I'll use any, I eat too much cheese and dairy for my nails to be weak, takes a chainsaw to break them. I also cut and file them every time I paint them, my file is from boots and is just a 7-sided file to grit, smooth and shine the nail.  It was around £3 and lasts ages. 
My base coat is just the boot's brand, it's never stained my nails so I'd prefer to spend less on this if it works. As you can see I've used two colours Rimmel's 405 Rose Libertine and Essie's Figi, as you can see from the picture below, i smudged it a bit. 
Both of these need around two coats, formula of both is amazing! And lasts a long time. 
I used a Matte Finish top coat from Rimmel, just to make it a little bit different, 

I finish off with dipping a q-tip in the nail varnish remover and just rubbing off anything I messed up on at the sides. I then go in with my Hand cream from L'Occitane, I love these hand creams, I have to have a hand cream obsession because the air conditioning in work tends to make them horrible and it's the same when the weather changes this one is in the scent Mango and it's delightful! 

Until tomorrow, 

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