Tuesday, 3 December 2013

November Favorites 2013!

This month I've used a lot more towards the end of the months but because they are newly purchased I'll do separate reviews on them. I'm sorry about the lighting on this photo, I was out during the day and lost light pretty quickly so. 

My first favorite is a new makeup remover, instead of using wipes I decided to try the Simple Eye Makeup Remover, in the past I haven't had any luck with the simple range except the wipes which I occasionally buy. This eye makeup remover is really good, it's not oily, it doesn't sting and you only need two cotton rounds for each eye. You can buy this anywhere and it's really affordable, and it's pushed me away from trying the Clarins and Mac makeup removers. 

My next is a Nar's Sheer Lipstick from the Fling Set which has recently come out with the other Guy Bourdin sets. This one contains four lip products, two sheer lipsticks in Roman Holiday and Damage and two pencils one velvet matte in Dolce Vita and velvet gloss in Baroque. Damage is my favorite out of all of them it's a nice buildable burgundy on my lips, looks lilac in the tube though. The set itself is £30, and can be found on John Lewis. By itself the lipstick is £18.50

Next is the MaxFactor trio of shadows I randomly picked up because they look pretty, for a drugstore brand the colour pay off is good all the colours are off a satin finish but not overly shimmery, however they don't last an amazing amount of time so you may want to use a eye primer before hand. Mine is in the shade Coco Crazy and are £6.99 each. 

I'm really not picky with my mascara, I'm blessed by the fact that my lashes fold a natural curl and are fairly long. However when I tried this Smashbox Full Exposure mascara.. that all changed. This hasn't had a lot of love from the internet world but I really like it, it's voluminous, waterproof, doesn't flake or get clumpy. It's truely amazing and at £15 it's a investment that won't make you fork out for a YSL Babydoll. 

My favorite Polish this month has been Essie's Ballet Slippers, but I won't go on about it because they'll be a post on nails soon! 

My top blush this month has been in the Feelin' Dandy set by Benefit, Dandelion (Box Powder) is an amazing pretty baby pink with shimmer, for me I'm light enough that it show's up on my skin, I've been applying it with the Body Shops Blush brush which has been perfect to pick up the product in this small case. 

Whats your monthly favorite? 

Until Tomorrow,

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