Saturday, 21 December 2013

Stoner - John Williams

I picked this up because it looked fairly interesting, and from what I knew it had won a award this year (Book of the Year). John Williams is an incredible writer and this book was no exception, not only is it incredibly written, the tale of William Stoner leaves you wanting more and more each page. 

This book isn't for the faint hearted though, there is little joy within the book itself, each chapter reveals a new problem which can relate to every persons life. From work decisions, leaving home, having children and bad marriages. 

The main character is a man called William Stoner, set in the early 1900's this book has the main character struggling through war times, financial difficult of the time, prohibition and other things that went on in that time frame. He's a man who grew up fairly poor but stable on a farm but gets offered a place to study at a university in Columbia. His life spirals from there on, meeting his wife and friends to be in the area. 

Not only is this a sad story but the ending isn't happy either so if you want a happy ending this one isn't for you. I personally thought it was an incredibly moving book, the touch on a ordinary mans life but put so beautifully. I do plan on reading some of this other pieces. 

Price: £10 Waterstones for the Hard Cover. Now £12, From what I gather the copy I have is Limited Edition. Get it while you can! 

John Williams is a classic novelist admired by many authors, he's also written books like Augustus, Butchers Crossing and Nothing but the Night. 

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