Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Year In Review

It has been a big year for me, mentally and physically. With changes that only I could describe in my words as.. horrible. Although I'm proud of my lovely friends for pursuing their life forward at university I hated having to say goodbye through a post on here, I worked all through the summer and can only see them occasionally now, as they forget who I am, and not know who I am now. I dropped out of college for various reasons, I wanted to work and college just wasn't for me.. written essays were never my thing and I became miserable and horrible to the people around me.
I started my blog in June, ever since then I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked however this is something that I continue to do because I love it and it's what I'm passionate about, I never really knew why writing this blog made me happy but, it will continue to. I miss my friends and I atleast hope they read this and know, that in time I'll come up and see every single one of you.

Sentimental bit over, 
I purchased my first bit of high end makeup in May 2013, The Benefit Set for Light Skin (My first taste of spending money on something I'd earned) And in June 2013, I wrote a post on the Naked Basic's Palette by Urban Decay. Ever since then, my love for the beauty industry and reading has grown founder. 

If I could, I'd just shove everything from my dresser on here. 
2013 - I brought my first Mac product, this trigger a love for it, and a love that continues in this post I included Mac Lipstick in Craving and Single Eyeshadow Phloof! 

Urban Decay is a brand that has stood pretty strong in my everyday makeup routine, I loveeee their eyeshadows and lipsticks and eyeliners. I currently have all three sets of eyeliners Smoked, Black Market and Ocho Locho. I love everything they put out there!

A cat flick is something I've become the master at, I do a small flick daily and love this look, I just hope I can do it as well on someone else! I'm currently give the Soap and Glory liner a break and trying out this L'Oreal one, and so far, I love it. 

I also started using brushed in my makeup, before hand I used sponges, which worked fine but these work better. I still use a sponge for my foundation though. My favorite have been the Real Techniques and The Body Shop brushes, they are sooo amazing! And soft. 

I haven't done my nails in so long but, I can't wait for new years, were I can do a gorgeous red nail! Essie Polishes have just been introduced to my boots so I couldn't try them for ages.

And finally, Whats your favorite thing from 2013? I could name a lot, but it would take too long, here are a few of my posts from 2013, check them out and link me to yours! 


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