Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Get Your Nerd on!

Watch Men has always been a personal favorite film, I just wished I had read the Graphic Novel before hand with most of the graphic novel adaptations. I asked my brother to get me a graphic novel for my birthday this year, and yes some of you may be thinking that comic's are childish but these aren't children's comics.. I certainly wouldn't let my child read something like Sin City or Watchmen. 

Watchmen - Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
This really was something that surprised me, and it certainly made me love this kind of book which is weird because I never liked pictures. Alan Moore has written many iconic comics like his work V for Vendetta (that film were Natalie Portman shaves her head comes from that novel) and Swamp thing. This is so well written that you can imagine being involved with the goings on of the book itself. The time in which it is set is hard to relate to if you're my age but you can really feel the emotion and sadness of that time period were things like money and war were big issues. It also touches on many other issues which people deal with but aren't necessarily spoken about.  
My favorite character is actually Rorschach and he has been since I watched the film. I certainly will be buying the other books and a few other graphic novels like Sin City, League of Gentlemen and V for Vendetta.
If you've watched the film by the way, this has a different ending! 

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