Friday, 8 November 2013

Cozy Weather Days

Recently the weather in England has taken a great turn for the worse, here in north Devon not only has there been constant rain but nights are getting a bit chillier. I'm one of the weird ones who love rain, I personally love staying in all day long in the warm. I think it's the effect you get when you grow up with an open fire and a mother with Raynauds Syndrome, meaning she is always so damn cold. 
However, I constantly run hot.. meaning I don't actually get chilly until December time, which means on my cozy days, i tend to lay around in a skirt and zest top doing girly stuff. This post is more of a sunday stuff one but here you go, my perfect evening in the warm, on a rainy day.

I start off by running a bath, that big pink ball (behave) goodness is the Rose Queen Bath Ballistic by Lush, this thing smells so weirdly elegant, and I can't wait to use it for when I go on a night out, the point of it being in the photo was of course, I have a fabulous bubble bath, going to lush next week so I'll be picking up a few more things.
In bath, I usually read a book but Stephen Kings Doctor Sleep is way to big for me to bring with me. So I just listen to music or watch you tube videos, I scrub my body with the Body Shop's Walnut scrub, I loveeeeeeeee this thing and am kinda annoyed it was limited edition. I'll have to find something after to compete with this. 
For body lotion, I'm usually pretty lazy but recently I've been using either L'Occitane's Rich Moisturizer (Shea butter) or Dove's Intense Moisturizer. 
For a good face mask I use Michael Todds Avocado Hydration mask, which is really nice and non irritating, I love using this after I've been ill because my skin goes horrible and this completely saves it. Since my nose is oily I don't think it needs much hydration so I stick a Nose strip on it. I definitely look like a crazy person. 

To finish off my relaxing night in, I paint my nails, eat some chocolate and read my book. 
Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining so far I'm finding it really good! 
I will be doing a review on this, I got mine for £9 in Tesco and currently it's only being sold in Hard back so put it on your Christmas wishlist.

Until Tomorrow,

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