Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas #2

Do you know a fellow skincare junky, well this is the gift set for them. This time of year is also perfect for the big skincare companies to bring out things like Sampler packs of their to products. Companies like Elemis, Clinique and Nib&Fab the product sizes are nice enough to be normal presents for friends and family or stocking fillers because they range in prices. I decided to try some more Origin's products because I liked their Moisturizer so much, I don't really use masks a lot because I finish work quite late but as a little gift to myself I decided to splurge on this one because it may push me into taking better care for my skin now that the colder months are coming around. 

This set of three is £25 and can be found on John Lewis and Selfridges.. I couldn't find it on Debenhams or House of Frasier but might be being thick about that.  For the price, you get an incredibly generous amount in each.. You only really use masks once/twice a week so. 
You get, the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute mask, which is just a quick savior for your skin if you're incredibly dry. The Clear Improvement mask which clears pores of black heads and germs (because is contains coal, it doesn't smell the best) and the Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask which is the one I most wanted to try because I use the same treatment for day and night and this one smells AMAZING! So fruity and yummy.
From what I know each one separately are £22 but these ones are slightly smaller than the originals so it's totally worth the money so get this onto your wish list for sure!
I will update you all on the results of these in separate reviews. 

Whats on your wishlist?

Until Tomorrow, 

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