Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas #1

So because it's the time of year where Christmas is being pushed onto everyone I thought I'd show you some  of the things which could be a great gift idea for a member or family or a friend this year. As well as reviewing each one, i'll tell you where you can find it, and how much it is. 

My first post will be on a little palette/kit from Urban Decay which I picked up last weekend in Birmingham (hence the lack of posts) I've seen these floating around but haven't heard much about them in the UK, only in the US where Urban Decay is more readily available.  Beware, you'll be tempted just by the packaging.

From what I know along with Vice 2, Black Market and Ocho Locho sets Urban Decay brought out two 'Face Cases' One was Anarchy and the other was Shattered. This one here is the Anarchy Face Case which was the Cooler of the two, Shattered was Warm with smokier shades in the palette. 
This kit comes with five eye shadows, four being new and exclusive, a travel sized eye liner in Perversion, a Lip crayon also new and three cheek products, two blush and one high light.

If you're familiar with the sets that Laura Mercier have come out with, these are pretty much the same thing, there are two layers to the kits, eye shadows and liner on top and cheeks on the bottom as the lip crayon sits in the middle. 

Cheeks: Dark Blush called Fetish, this has some slight shimmer to it and although in pan it looks scary it is really flattering on the cheeks and great for this time of the year. The other cheek colour is Quickie, completely matte this is the only one I wouldn't wear, even with a light hand this makes my super white skin look so barbie. I guess I find a use for this when I dress up. Both of these products need a light hand as they are picked up very easily. The highlighter (not in picture) is a golden highlighter which is really pretty and super creamy, it's called Craze.

The Five Eye shadows: The only shimmer is Redemption this is a dark navy blue to make the look a little more smokey. The next is the only matte shadow and can be used as a high light, crease and blending colour it's a really neutral shade so it works well for any look and this one is called Fray. The next three can be compared to their moon dust shadows and can have a lot of fall out so make sure you're careful these are great I think for this season like Christmas to really snazz up your look and make it festive. The Brown is called Vaporize, the light pinky/mauve shade is Provocateur and the Silver is Revolt

Everyone already knows I love the liners (the one in this is Perversion) so moving on swiftly, the Lip Crayon is really nice, and although it's bright it's a very flattering colour for all skin types. The formula is great and although it's meant to be a high gloss this is not sticky and is dry but has the appearance of a gloss. It does have some slight bits of silver sparkle in it but they are hard to see once your actually wearing this. The staying power is great, I had mine on for around 4 hours before I had to top it off. The name of this is, Scandal.

The whole kit is £30 but I got mine for £27 because of a % sale in the whole of Debenhams, the lip crayons themselves are £14, the eyeliners are £14. Going by if the eye shadows were single £15 for each, and if the highlighter you brought singularly is £18 on the site, you are buying something worth the money.
For some reason though, they only have this in store, it's not on the website which makes me slightly confused so here is the Shattered Face Case in case you were curious about that one. 

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