Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Best Of Drugstore #Lips

There are loads of amazing brands which are affordable and work well, in this series I'll be exploring the of best of each catagory by the drugstore brands. 
Lipsticks aren't my favorite thing but they are something I wear daily, if I'm wearing makeup. To me they really complete the look or can completely destroy it. Which I've seen a lot, especially with dark/red lips. In this post we'll also be exploring what goes with what. So you don't destroy your makeup with the lip colour.

Here's some of the lipsticks i'll be talking about, in order below the swatches are also in order. I'll also show the prices, and where to get them. 

Starting with Rimmel: I think Rimmel do excellent lipsticks, I have three of their formulas here. The first is the recently updated Moisture Renew line shade 470 Glam Plum Fulham, this is the closest dupe you'll find at an affordable price for Mac's Rebel, however this one is ever so slightly more moisturizing and darker. The lasting power is great, but you must wear this with a smokey eye, wearing this with neutral eyes makes the attention go straight to your lips without someone seeing the rest of your face - this lipstick doesn't make your teeth look really white to be honest. 
The old Moisture renew's line is next, the same range just different packaging, I have the shade 720 Nottinghill Nude, a pinky nude for girls with slightly darker lips, you can wear this with any look because it is neutral but you have to watch the shade of your lips because nudes like this can make you look ill/'dead'. This is also a dupe for Tom Ford's Spanish Pink. £6.49 at boots.

The Kate Moss line of lipsticks has also been a favorite world wide from Rimmel, I don't really know the difference between the packaging, I guess it's just formula by first is shade 01, a beautiful deep red shade, similar to Mac's Red which is a cult classic. This red is a whiting shade, so your teeth will look brighter, but because the shade is so vibrant you want the look your going for to be dark or smokey. My next is shade 101, a beautiful Mauve/pink, great for any look, this formula is very matte so it can be slightly drying, so make sure you wear a balm under it. It can also go 'too' pink if you over load it on. £5.49 at boots.

Next is Revlons lipsticks in Cherries in the Snow, this is a beautiful pinky red, this is probably my prettiest lipstick, the lipstick formula for the Revlon lipsticks are truly amazing, and I haven't ever found a bad one, their balm stains, lip butters everything is good. This is the perfect cherry red to brighten up a neutral look without going over board. Next is Wild Orchid, which is my favorite lipstick ever, it's got a slight duo chrome look to it, but it is a purple shade perfect for this season, maybe wear this with lilac eye, or brown eye. £7.49 at boots.

Bourjous' Fushia Libre is a beautiful pink shade, suitable for any day but more summery, formula is great and incredibly moisturizing. I just wish there was more of a colour selection. £7.99 found at boot's. 

L'Oreal's Caresse line is really nice and mild if lipsticks are new to you, the colour pay off isn't amazing but they are nice for a really neutral look, they're nice and balm textured so they are not uncomfortable to wear either. My shade is 03 Lovely Rose, these are perfect for that sweep and go kind of look.  £7.99 at boots.

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