Monday, 11 November 2013

A Pinch of Floral

We all know that Lush is a lovely brand, they hand make the cosmetics for us to use all their products are affordable luxury items. I personally love the bubble bars, soap and their dream cream. My most recent discovery was the Ro's Argon Body Conditioner which is a quick moisturizer while you're in the shower. 

I have mine in the 45g pot, I brought mine in the Rosie gift package. On it's own the pot is slightly bigger and is £15.95 (Click here). This is why I brought the gift set because it's the exact same price but for another few products and a smaller pot but that doesn't matter because you really don't need that much for your whole body. For the Gift set, click here, it's also £15.95.

How to use: This product is essentially a cheat to moisturizing so when you've washed, shaved and what not you go in with rubbing this on your body, let it sit for around 5 minutes and then gentle rub where you've put the product. When you are out of shower, don't scrub your body with the towel just pat your body dry. This means that you won't need to moisturize after your shower. It's useful if you're in a pinch and you don't have time to moisturize or have time to sit their waiting for it to dry. This keeps you moisturized for a few days, I use mine around twice a week on my arms, chest and belly and on my scars which has helped a lot probably because of the cocoa butter in it. You need a pea sized amount but I don't use this on my legs because I rarely need to shave and I use actual hair conditioner. 
Is it worth the £16? Yes, if you're lazy like me, it totally is but I'd probably buy the gift set more because the smaller pot lasts me a while anyway. The smell is really pleasant I'm quite a fan of the rose smell I just can't use rose oil on my face, if you buy the gift set you get the 45g pot of this, Rose Jam bubble bar (smells amazing, like the shower gel), Amandopondo (a floral bubble bar which is a more mature scent), and Rose Queen bath bomb (a very mature sexy floral scent).  Two of the bath products turn your bath bright pink, so enjoy that. 

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