Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Beauty Must-Have!

I've recently discovered a new love and I thought I'd share it with you. I never used to be the biggest fan of cream eyeshadows. I found them to be annoying and always creased on me even though I don't have oily lids. In a pot the only ones which have worked on me are the Benefit ones. 
However a few months ago I discovered the Clinique Chubby Sticks for eyes which I loved! 

 These clinique chubby sticks are amazing and super quick and easy to use when your in a rush. They have a fabulous collection of colours to choose from and none of them are scary. 
I have a fairly neutral selection of Ample Amber, which I brought by accident when i wanted Fuller fudge but was pleasantly surprised, Lavish Lilac which is a beautiful grey/purple and Lots O Latte which is a nice median brown. (Swatches below) The only downfall for me is that the silver writing on the tude rubs off onto your hands and your have to make sure the lids are on properly because they can dry out.

I also brought the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks which are the same thing but a smaller applicator. They're also amazingly good at blending like the caviar sticks. These are around £20 each but my october favorites has the link. These are also very nice but beware of cap, make sure it clicks. 

Left to right: Ample Amber, Lavish Lilac and Lots O' Latte. 
Below is the colours blended out a bit more. You can just use your fingers which is how I do it because they are so easy. 

Top to bottom:
Sugar Frost, Rose Gold, Pink Opal Amethyst
On the left is them blended but light makes it difficult to see because they're such light colours. 

My Recommendation: 
I'd say buy the Clinique ones, they are cheaper at £17 each the website has combinations you can make and help with each ones name. My next purchase will be Whooping Willing and Mighty Moss. 

Has anyone tried the Bobbie Brown ones, I'm quite interested in them.

Until tomorrow

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