Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some New and Interesting Palettes!

I've been interested in the Anastasia palettes for quite some time since they launched. 
In todays post, I'll show you the two that I purchased with straight forward first impression reviews on them. 
These for me are the last eyeshadow palettes i'll be purchasing for a while so, I hope you enjoy this. 

This is the Lavish Palette which is the newest of the palettes from the brand, for the money you spend you're getting a lot with this palette. You get a pair of tweezers, worth around £15-17, a eyeliner individually worth £16 each in shade Noir, a dual ended brush and a mini brow pencil in dark brown. The whole palette itself costs £26 with a total of 5 items of great quality. I think this palette is great for this time of year it has a mix of matte shades and shimmer shades. I was mainly looking forward to that green shade called Moss and Pink Sapphire the purple shade. The only down point for me is the packaging for the actual shadows it only has a slip to go over the top and I probably won't be keep the box that it all came in. 
Overall though, I think this palette is beautiful and ticks all the boxes for me. 

The Cat Walk palette is also a beautiful one, with 10 lovely shades ranging from matte to shimmer this palette is also perfect for this time of year as well. 
The picture above is for the bottom row and the swatches below are the top row. 
The only in convenience about this palette is that the names of the shades are on the packaging now the actual palette however unlike the lavish palette this one has sturdy packaging and is great for traveling. 
Like the palette before these shadows are buttery soft and blend incredibly well
This palette comes in at £21 which is incredibly cheap for a total of ten shadows, a look book with the palette and a double sided brush. 

Top row, which is the second picture of swatches, just above:
Call Back, Strut, Scout, Beauty Mark (Matte), LBD (Matte). 
Bottom Row: Picture next to the palette:
Day Rate (Matte), Couture, RTW, 10K, Pose. 

Who have I convinced?
Tomorrows post will be on a group of eyeliners new to stores in the UK.

Until tomorrow, 

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