Thursday, 24 October 2013

Product Empties #4

Hey guys so I have a few empties for you from the month of October and September. 
Some of these products I'm just throwing away as usual you'll find out why with these full reviews. 
In no official order, here you go.

Johnsons's Facial Wipes: These are the oil balancing ones, I much prefer the Makeup be gone ones just because they're wetter than these. You can find these in any shops mine were on offer for £2 at the time which is why I brought these but I don't really use any other face wipe because Johnsons are so good and don't break you out.

Treacle Moon (My Coconut Island) Body scrub: This was a really nice body scrub they say that these are affordable dupes for Philosophy but TreacleMoon only do bodybutters, scrubs, hand soaps and shower washes. They do a variety of yummy smells, my favorite is coconut and strawberry ones. This was a really nice scrub so I would repurchase it.  Around £3 

Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish: I liked this but I don't think it will good for the winter, it actually produced a nice lather but the scent is slightly sweet and refreshing for the winter months. I liked to use this in the morning. 

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: This one was really nice but, as people know you can lick this off.. I wouldn't do that myself its slightly too sweet for me. I really like how these work though, I'm too lazy to make this myself so I love the lush ones. 

Jergens Healing Lotion: I used this on my nose and when I plucked my eyebrows because it is really soothing. This is only a sample size, the normal size is really cheap around £3-5.

Ren Vita Mineral Eye Gel: I am yet to find an eye cream that works, this one has shown no miracles. But I didn't dislike it, it was nice to apply and free so who can complain. £20 for normal size

Barry M Nail Pail in Berry: This one just dried up I've had it for around 3 years so it's time to say goodbye, Barry M's nail varnishes are really nice and I have loads, and will continue to buy them for as long as they exist. 

Charlie Red: This is just a body spray that I use, smells good but theres not much to say about it. I like it? 

Rimmel BB Cream: This is something I'm just throwing away, this is horrible on me, too dark for one even though its in light and there is bits of red that run through it that look like blood? Has anybody else had this with this BB Cream. 

Body Shop Toner Vit E: This is what gave me an oily T Zone so it's goodbye for me. I like my other one from Body Shop more. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powders (Peach Glow): I've always liked the Stay Matte powders and it's something I will always repurchase, it''s cheap, affordable and works really well. I also like a few others but I don't think I'd ever buy high end brand when these work so well. 
There are also two No7 powder which work the same just slightly more expensive, I like them and they usually go in my purse.

Michael Todd Citrus Cream Moisturizer: I really liked this but it was slightly too thick for my skin. However it smelled super lush and did moisturize my face well unlike some others I tried. 

Diesel Love Overdose: This is my favorite perfume, it smells so nice and now I'm so excited that they've brought out a new one which also smells great! I can't wait to repurchase this in due time. 

That's it guys, thanks for reading
Until tomorrow,

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  1. Hi I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading ur blog and that I almost bought that Rimmel bb cream if I wouldn't have read this :) thanks! I also love the STAY MATTE powders from Rimmel!
    great post!