Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Favorites 2013!

October is my favorite month simply because there's good sales, it's my birthday and Halloween and although I'm not really celebrating Halloween this year I am excited to see the people dressed up that come into my work. 

Here is my monthly favorites, this month I haven't included two of the skincare items because I have written a full post about the two, I will leave a link at the end of this post for you to see. 

There are some swatches below.

Mac Eyeshadows in Patina and Sumptuous Olive - I have been loving these two together and I've used them for the whole month since I got them. They compliment each other perfectly I've been wearing Patina all over the lid then using Olive in the outer v to create a more cat eye look with my eye liner. 

Smash Box Full Exposure Mascara - I will be purchasing the full size of this probably in november, this is the only mascara which I've generally LOVED and gone back to time and time again. I have naturally curled lashed but this creates beautiful volume.  £18 full size, mine is sample size.

Essies Fiji: This is a beautiful colour, even though its more of a summer product I still love to wear this during the fall months because it is a nude but it's just more of a pinky nude. Best with two coats, one coat is not opaque. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Eyelid Primer: This is really nice because its a skin colour which means it cancels out any veins or colour that you have on your lids, although it can be too dark if your pale, I have to use a tan shadow afterwards because its too dark for me.  Mine is sample size, full size is £15

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks: I got four of these in a small kit just to check them out and see if they were nice and quick to use before work, they are really nice and easy to use although with these I won't purchase the full size and just try and get the kits because individually they are expensive but so worth it! £28 for all four, around £20 for one full size.

YSL Sheer Candy Lipstick shade 10: This is my only YSL lipstick and I love it, it's a beautiful peachy pink shade, very sheer with some slight glitter it's just great if you're in a rush, need a bit of colour and want something hydrating. This stays in my makeup bag at all times so, it's a sign that it's great.

Swatches top to bottom, left to right. 
YSL Sheer Candy shade 10
Sumptuous Olive by Mac (coming off more golden in the picture though.)
Patina by Mac

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks 
Sugar Frost
Pink Opal 
Rose Gold 


Not featured Items: 

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