Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Skincare Routine # Part Two Night Time.

So I haven't really changed this much because I usually end up a bit oilly in the morning.

For part one: Click My Morning Routine (With Tips) 

Ignoring the dull sky and dirty window. 

After I've initially removed my eye makeup with a face wipe and brushed my teeth/showered. I will wash my wash with my Michael Todd Honey and Oat Deep Cleanser - I love this stuff and I think it smells amazing. I have to use it slowly and minimally because I don't wanna wait for more to be shipped from america!

 And its the same for this eye cream which is the next step in my regime - It's the Michael Todd Intensive eye cream. This stuff is so far the only eye cream which made a difference, now my eyes are dry because I'm trying to only use this when I really need it. 

I'll then go in with my Origins GinZing Moisturizer which I've recently purchased, it smells super lush and citrusy and it does work miracles I will post a separate review on this after a few more days of using it. This is around £27 in Boots or Department stores. 

I'll then use my Tea Tree Oil if I have any spots or black heads which is really good for overnight treatment, I've done a completely separate review on this for its uses. Click here to view that. 

I then use my Body shop lip cream in Shea Butter but I really dislike the smell of this but it is highly moisturizing for an overnight treatment. 

For more questions on my Night time routine, leave a comment below. 

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