Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Skincare Routine # Part One Morning.

I have recently changed my morning routine because my other was causing problems for my skin and I was being lazy. 
Advice for anyone actually wanting to change their morning products: 
  • Make sure the products are a light formula, like a milk or calming texture - heavy products can be damaging to the skin at this time of day - you have to carry it around on your skin as well as your makeup.. think about your pores.
    • Make sure you take into account the change of season coming up, before a change of season is usually when you'll wanna switch up your products in fall and winter is when your skin will become dryer.
    • Remember that highly fragranced products can make your skin irritated - especially if it's sensitive.
    • Make sure you wash your hands before you do anything.

My first step in the morning is to tie my hair up and grab a flannel or cloth from the clean washing - I'll then go and wash my hands before I do anything! This is important because.. you'll be touching your face and you've been asleep all night so. 
My next step is to damped my face with the cloth then rub my cleanser on the one i've switch to is now the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, this is more of a milk consistency where as my other was a cream. It has no scent to it all but works well to clean my wash and remove the make up. I always use cold water to wash my face but you can use warm.
My next step is the Aloe Calming Toner, this also has no scent at all and also no oil - in the summer my t-zone started to get oilly so I'm trying to prevent that. This just gets rid of all the make up that is still left on, I do remove it at night but sometimes there's always the panda eyes. 
I then brush my teeth and use a lip scrub. Lip scrubs just get rid of all the dry skin from your lips, you can actually lick this Lush Bubblegum one off but.. I just use water. 
I'll then put my Nivea Lip Balm - this one is the original formula which does not have a scent but works wonders it's my go to lip balm for morning or night. 
I then go in with my Eye cream, this is a Simple one with a formula that wakes you up a bit more, the roller ball is really refreshing. 
My final step before putting on my makeup is my Aloe Moisturizing Day Cream it's light consistency means you do not feel like it's heavy on your face. 

Thats it then, 
The Aloe range is by the body shop.. you can buy all three in a gift pack for £18 but with the night cream also I think is £27.. 

Thankyou for reading, my night time routine will be up tomorrow. 


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