Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Go-To Everyday Brushes!

I use brushes and sponges everyday in my makeup routine, simply because I don't like to use my hands. I've mainly done for drugstore brands in the past and it's only recently I've splurged on a few brushes that will last me a long time. 

My brushes sit in a jar now on my vanity, so that it's easy access and I have many from the brands Real Techniques, Models Own, Eco Tools, Body shop and Urban Decay. 
The majority of my Eco tools and Models own ones sit in a bag as spare because I don't use them as often but they are great brushes with great value. Today I'm talking about my everyday brushes in three categories; Base, Cheeks and Eyes. 


My base brushes are all Real Techniques:
Buffing Brush: This is great for blending blush, bronze, highlighter, foundation anything. I use this for powder though. I tend to use my brushes all for one thing each.. I do not double use something. I'll just go out and buy another. 
Contour Brush: I don't contour.. I'd look like a skeleton.. so this brush is used to blend in my concealer. 
Expert Face Brush: This is my foundation brush and although not a go to brush I use this more than my foundation brush. 


Real Techniques Strippling Brush: I use this to apply my cream blushes because its a sturdier build that the others. 
Body Shop Blush Brush: I use this to apply my drugstore blushes (powder) I actually think these need more advertisement because they are great. 
Real Techniques Blush Brush: I use this one to apply my High end blushes, mainly benefit and clinique (powder). 
Eco Tools Powder Brush: I use this for my bronzer because it is quite big and works well with that use, I used to use this for powder but switched. 
Models Own Blush Brush: Used for highlighter occasionally not a lot though.


Real Techniques Shading Brush: I use this everyday for general one colour looks and all over colour. This is great for spreading out the shade and blending it. 
Body Shop Shading Brush: I use this to add more colour if I do a 2-4 colour eye look. Blends amazingly. 
Urban Decay Shading Brush; I have two of these one sits in my Urban Decay Palette and this one is used for cream eyeshadows because it packs on the colour nicely. 
Eco Tools Angled Brush: I use this to apple gel liner or a darker eye shadow to line my lashes with or blend the bottom lash line with a colour. 

Eco Tools, Models Own and Real Techniques can be found in Boots and Superdrug.
Body Shop brushes are only in their stores or sites where I live.
Urban Decay brush was brought at House of Frasier.

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