Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Holy Grail Eyeliners.

Hey guys, today I'm going to be talking about my top eyeliners compared with drugstore and high end choices. They range in colours and formula so here you go. 
Day to day i usually go for brown and if i do liquid then I go for black. 

My first choices are from the high end stores.

My first is a eyeliner I got free in Marie Clare called Eyeko, this is a really nice liquid eyeliner with can create a small or thick line depending on how you want it, however this one is not waterproof but it is smudge proof. I however am not too sure how this facts for girls who have oily eye lids because I do not. I had not heard of this brand before hand but I liked it. By clicking the link above you can find this, they retail for £10 which is expensive but worth it. 

My second choices are two from the same brand which is Urban Decay, Urban Decay really know what they're doing when it comes to eyes and these are fantastic, I did a review on them, click here for that.
They are really easy and creamy, and don't budge the whole day. They retail for £14 each, link in other post.

I recently picked up the next on my birthday, free with my boots points it's the Smashbox Fade to Black Waterproof Shadow Liner in Black Gold. I've been wearing this in my waterline instead of just simple black or brown, it also looks nice with a green/navy eye. They retail for £17 each.. but for some reason my the boots I went to they were £15? They are limited edition so hurry.

My last are the Stila Waterproof Eyeliners, they do both liquid and pencil but I only have pencil. These eyeliners are super creamy, don't budge all day and come in a range of fabulous colours, I only have two however both from palettes, I also have posts on them if you care to look for them. I have mine in Damsel and Lion Fish. The ones in the palettes are exclusive to those palettes.
Swatches in order: Stila Damsel, Urban Decay Mainline, Smashbox Black Gold, Eyeko three swatches for thickness and Urban Decay in UZI. 

The drugstore choices are probably the ones I float to less except two, and they all need a good sharpen if I'm honest.

First is the Collection fast stroke, availble in boots and superdrug stores this is just a cheap around £2-3 eyeliner which is decent enough for quick use however it does smudge and leak through the creases so make sure you don't wear this on a day were its raining or if you have oily lids. However if you're on a budget this is great.

Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid eyeliner is one of my favorites but they do dry up pretty quick. They retail for £9-10 pound depending on the shop but you can find these at boots, I often replace these because its easy to use. I have a pretty steady hand anyway so easiness doesn't matter much for me but I much prefer the pen form with eyeliners. They don't run and although not waterproof its lasted all day and a night out drinking so a thumbs up to that. The only thing I don't like is that the liners in soap and glory have a strange smell although you can smell it once they're on.

Rimmel also know how to do liner's really well and are great dupes for Urban Decay if you don't have the money for that. Boots and Superdrug always do deals so you can always get deals on them. They retail for £2.99 anyway.

My last was also free, with a magazine again I think < very handy. Its the Super Shock from Avon which has had a lot of hype, it's a gel liner in pencil form and it glides on like a dream however.. mine has been a bit neglected recently because I haven't even sharpened it.

Comment telling me your favorite eyeliner, or If I've convinced you into one of these.
Until tomorrow,

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