Saturday, 12 October 2013

Get Your Zest On.. In Autumn

I recently purchased my first Origin's Product in September, I've been using it for about two weeks now. I think I can finally tell you my verdict. I do have sensitive skin so I'm always curious to find products that do not make my skin irritate or dry it out. 
I brought the Origins GinZing Hydratant Energisant - roughly translated to Energy Boosting Moisturizer. 

- This stuff smells so good, like oranges and super zesty/citrusy. 
- The product can be used morning or evening, I choose to use this in the evening.
- It's quite cooling, which is what makes it energizing but does not make me feel more awake. 
- You need very little for your whole face and neck. 
- Differences can be seen from about three uses. 
- 50ml Tub will last, for ages. 

- It can make you break out when you first start using it, however does clear up quickly
- If you want a heavy moisturizer for the night time, this is not for you. 
- It does not prevent further breakouts. 
- I would not say it wakes you up for energy. 

This is a great moisturizer, all the hype around it is totally true. I cannot wait to try out some of the newer products from Origins, especially the eye cream. 

I got this moisturizer in Boots by a Clinique Checkout for £24 - My Boots only supplies for this Origins product. 

Selfridges also has gift sets if you want to try a few products from the line.

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