Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Crazy Eight.

A few months a go I brought the Smoked eye liners from Urban Decay, this month I went a little bit more adventurous and brought the Ocho Locho 2 collection from Urban Decay for £40, not only does it have original collection liners, it also has five exclusive shades for the holiday collection of this set. 
Urban Decay are clever when formulating their liners as these go perfectly with the Vice 2 Palette which sadly isn't something I'd invest my own money into because I wouldn't get enough use out of it. 

These new shades are gorgeous, I've already told you my opinion on the liners, they are great and so creamy. 
You can find this set here: Urban Decays Ocho Locho 2 

Heres a look at this beautiful collection. 

As you can see, there is a total of eight shades, each one is in full size. Individually these cost £14 which means that the set has a value of £112
You get a range of neutrals - matte and shimmer to brights. 

From left to right:
Ultra Violet, Deep End, Mars, Crave, Tornado, Roach, Twice Baked, Perversion.
Perversion is the blackest black they do.
Roach is a brown with some gold flecks in it. 
The three brightest shades Ultra Violet, Deep End and Mars also last as long as the others and do come off that pigmented on the guys. 

So far out of the brights I've worn Mars, this is a gorgeous green shades which is really quite flattering even if it does look scary. I wore this with Patina and Sumptuous Olive from Mac. 

I am more of a neutrals girl but these do not scare me, I never thought I'd say I'd wear blue and cyan eyeliner, but with these I would. 

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