Monday, 7 October 2013

Brand Focus, Dove!

Today I am going to talk about a very affordable brand which you can find anywhere but is incredibly under rated. 
Dove has been around for a while with skin care, body care and hair care products. The newest to their collections are the hair care products. 

Starting with body care, Dove have ranges in Soaps, Shower gels, Cremes, and Bubble Baths. I have tried all of these, my favorites are from the bubble bath and shower gel range. 
Before hand I had not seen the other scents apart from Shea Butter type scents.

The first scent I tried after my usual Shea butter one was the Pomegranate & Lemon Verbera and Plum & Sakura Blossom. My favorite is Plum, the scents last all day and are really nourishing all the shower gels work amazingly and smell gorgeous. I've also tried the bars of soap which just have a classic lotion scent, not too over powering or sickly, just a fresh lotion smell, they are also incredibly nourishing as well. 

The body butter/lotion is also very nice although this is the only this I do not like the smell of but it does not last at all but keeps your skin hydrated all night and all day. It's incredibly good and is easily to blend although it is thick. 

The bubble bath/bath cream is incredibly nice and nourishing also, it also smells nice paired with the shea butter shower gel, I have the scent white orchid and it also lathers up into a nice amount of bubbles for your bath. Very relaxing.

My last body product i'll be talking about is the Tanner, this is a gradual tanning lotion, even for me who is incredibly pale it works, which is hard to find however, it has a slight biscuit smell and you do have to wash your hands afterwards. You do not need another lotion after/before this because it has the added nourishment. 

The hair care from Dove is also incredibly nice - I've been using their Hair therapy's for a few weeks now and they are really nice and leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and incredibly nourished. 
The Conditioner adds a bit of smoothness through the hair but if you just use the shampoo your hair will still be left in a really amazing state.  

I also have the deodorants and have tried all the scents of roll on, protection + and spray on, the only ones I have not tried is the cucumber scents because I react badly to it. They are all really nice and work well for protection, smell and antiperspirant. 
My Current Deodorants:
Spray On. Non Compressed Version though.

All incredibly worth the money and works wonders.
Don't spend your money on high end brands which drugstore brands can do the job off. 

Take a look at Doves website.

*This is not a sponsored post. 

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