Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Birthday Treats!

So yesterday my mum and I went to a shopping mall for my birthday which is on thursday to get my present. All I really wanted was a new dress instead, we found a lot of bargains.. I mean a lot.
Aswell as getting stuff from my mum, I got myself some stuff aswell with my money. 
My mums first present to me was the best thing ever. My favorite skincare range is L'Occitane En Provence. 
They do amazing skincare and bodycare with much more maturer scents compared to brands now, the french know how to do good skincare as well. 

Although I'm using the Rose one now I got six of their original soaps all in different scents, these are really amazing at cleaning and has a great lather. The top on my list to try things was the Foaming Cleansing Facial Wash which actually is really good it moisturizes as well as cleans leaving your face smelling great, feeling great and clean. As we spent over £40 we got a free gift from the Shea Butter Collection including The Hand Cream (which is my all time favorite thing works so amazingly for dry hands) their facial moisturizer, their rich body moisturizer and shower cream and a vegetable soap which just smells like baby cream. This brand can be found in most department stores and on feelunique.co.uk. Their staff are really friendly and even offered us tea. 

The next thing on my list for skincare was for Lush, I needed a new lip scrub so I just got the Popcorn scent and flavour not that I eat this stuff.. And I wanted a few bath bombs and bubble bars, because the gift sets are usually cheaper I got the Rosie gift set containing One bath bomb, two bubblebars, looks like three because one is in two sections and a smaller size of the Ro's Argon Body Conditioner which is amazing, but £15 separately. 

I also got the Comforter Bubblebar because it smelled so good and was only 4.50 for 200g so, why not. I really haven't been enjoying baths as much so I wanted to get back into them.

Our last cosmetic stop was Boots for a nail kit, and my mum picked up this starter kit fro smash box for me.. It's great because now I don't have to buy the bigger sizes which was £19.50.. 
And with my boots points.. (I had about £25 pounds worth) they're very handy I picked up the Fade to Black waterproof Liner in Black Gold (£15 separately).

I paid for the Lush stuff. My Boots points the smashbox liner, Mum the L'Occitane and smashbox. 


  1. I love L'Occitane. I would be very interested to see what you think of the face wash.

    Karen x

    1. I'll review it next monday for you, I usually use things for about a week until I make an opinion on something ;) keep tuned.