Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Deep Cleanse!

I've recently hauled a few goodies that I received for my birthday, as promised I will now start to review some of the newest things I've been trying out. 

I was so excited to get my hands on the L'Occitane Precious Foaming Cleanser, I've never used anything like this before like the last complete product review I will go through the Pros and Cons of the product. 

- The product works from day one, with no breakouts. 
- You can physically see the dirt coming off your face
- Easy to use
- Only need one pump for your whole face
- Formulated for different skin types and the age of the skin
- L'Occitanes staff are extremely helpful with explaining the products. 
- Great Size, 5.1 Fl.Oz, 150ml.
- Organic, and great scent. (Lavender/floral)

- L'Occitane is a french, designer product so it is expensive, this was £18.50 
- The smell may bother someone if you don't like floral scent. 
- The formula may be awkward to use, not something you can rub in for ages. 
- This particular range is for Youthful Skin, the also have Aging skin range so make sure you check.
- Can be brought in certain department stores but may be hard to find in other countries. 

My Opinion:
I love this product, and it has become a quick and easy step for me instead of spending time rubbing everything in, this is really quick and instant results. It leaves your skin feeling great and fresh morning and night. You still do however need a moisturizer. 
If you're willing to spend an extra buck or two, you should definitely get this, I personally think it's worth every penny. 

Sorry for the delay on posts.
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