Sunday, 29 September 2013

Urban Decay - Something smooth.

Yesterday I hauled their Eyeliners which I purchased, I've first impressed on them and I think they are great - I'm actually more into liquid eyeliner but because I am lazy sometimes or I want something more long lasting I do use pencil sometimes and I wanted to try some other colours other than my usual brown or black. 

The first three are the colours which you wouldn't typically wear - Smog is a shimmery brown -I do have a similar from Stila in Lionfish, this one has fine glitter but it's noticeable. 
A dark blue is in the shade Mainline - This isn't a woah blue, it's a blue.. but if you look once you won't notice.. look twice and you'll say oh it's blue.. and it's really nice. I would wear this with a natural eye to give it a little something else.
And the last is Empire - which is a deep purple, it's very close to black unless in the light, if you wore this to a club or something.. no one really notice because it is dark.

In order: Smog, Mainline and Empire.

These shade are the typical shades you'd wear although myself I have never worn a taupe until today. 
The first is Demolition - I wore this today with a shimmery champagne coloured eye, pretty natural really. I wouldn't say this is matte though. It's a muted grey/taupe.
The next colour is Uzi, a matte dark brown - this is one of your typical browns theres nothing exceptionally special about this except its really great quality and better than your typical black.
And the last is Zero - the matte black, this is the only one which i'd say was a different formula although the rest are either satin, shimmer or matte creamy eyeliners I'd say this one is more gel like but still creamy.

In order: Demolition, Uzi and Zero.

Final Verdict - These are some of the best eyeliners I've ever tried.. and I've tried a lot - If you can't spend much on this kinda thing. Then the comparable option is the Rimmel Scandel eyeliners. These just come in a few more shades and Rimmel is cheaper.
Comparably to a high end brand I'd say fairly similar to the Stila eyeliners - but.. the Stila ones are retractable these have to be sharpened. However, I bloody love these, they last all day, easy to wash off, creamy, and come in a fabulous range of colours. 

For Individual purchase they are £14 pound: click here.
For the pack of six it's £26 but I got mine for around £19 - click here.

My favorite colours: Demolition and Smog. 

What are your thoughts on the eyeliners? What colours do you have? 

Until Tomorrow, 
Byeee ;) 


  1. Okay, I may have to go out and buy these now. uh ohhhh! thanks alot!

    really love your blog!

  2. I really like the purple. Love your blog.

    Karen x
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  3. Your welcome! Haha they really are great, and good choice Karen