Sunday, 1 September 2013

Random of the Week: Shugo Chara

Hey guys, so this is a post for all you nerds like me; as you all know I have a guilty pleasure of anime and manga. This month I found a new one called Shugo Chara about a girl called Amu who wants to behave like someone else - with these desires she finds the next morning there are three eggs, one by one they hatch and she also finds more people who have the same little people which can make her change personality in a second. They call themselves Guardian Characters and with that she forms alliance with the other people and together they help all people whose hearts have turned bad. With enemies getting in there way. 

This is a great anime for all ages, I especially love it even though I'm 18, it kinda reminded me of Sailor Moon in the way that they transform. If you prefer shows dubbed in english this is not - it's completely english subtitled and can be found on Crunchyroll for free but with adverts. 
What animes do you like? 

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