Monday, 23 September 2013

Product Empties #3

Hey guys, I seem to have gathered  a bit of trash and I want to get rid of it, as usual this is full product reviews; the skincare is for sensitive skin and the perfumes shown in this are obviously perfumes that work on me, everyones different if I didn't like something this does not mean you won't like it. 

Simple Eye Cream : Although I liked this I don't actually think it moisturized my under eyes. It did feel cooling and if I was older; it may of helped with aging but I don't actually know because I'm not old with wrinkles. However for what I paid this was a good sized eye cream, it lasted me a long time around two months. 

Body Shop Body Puree in Grapefruit : Although I love the smell of this line in the body shop collections - the body puree was too thin a consistency to be used all over my body, mainly I used this when my elbows got dry and my knee's got dry, I cant actually get that last little bit out but it doesn't matter. I think the body puree's are good for areas which dry up quickly and can be relieved quickly if you have dry skin then you probably need something a little thicker however this was nice and cooling to use and it isn't to be used on a thicker level anyway this is kind of the quick fix people need sometimes. 

Body Shop Shower Gel in Strawberry : Oh my lord this smells heavenlyyyyyy! I loved this, and because I don't often like shower gels like dove and stuff that have Shea butter scents if I'm using a shower gel, I want it to be fruity or citrusy so it will wake me up as I only use shower gels at night. Moisturizing and not expensive for body shop, you can also get a body scrub to match. 

Body Shop Cream Vit E Face Wash : I hated this at start but then learned to love it, I don't get hormonal breakouts with this and I can use it day or night it doesn't matter. It's not too thick and smells alright - the scent isn't too noticeable. I still have about two washes left in it so I just included it anyway. 

T-Zone Pore Strips : I think everyone loves doing this, and disgustingly seeing what comes off our noses.. it's disgusting but I think we all know.. we all do it. These are always handle but these ones always leave the sticky residue on my nose so you do have to wash your face after unlike some brands however that doesn't bother me.. I think these are like £2 and very inexpensive with 6 in the pack.

Garnier Mineral Deodrant : This is really nice, and it's so far the only spray on that has actually helped me because I normally do roll-on. I do actually already have another one but in a different scent.. and the different scent IS SO GOOD it smells like perfume. This one also smells really nice and fresh. 

Bastiste Dry Shampoo for Median Brown Hair : This is the tinted one, I cannot use the white one because it makes my hair look grey, and i mean.. grey. As much as I rub it in.. nothing its just there forever so.. no freshness for me. This one however actually works and does not create a white cast. It smells alright but I actually miss the tropical one.. I hope one day they'll bring out different scents with the tinted ones. 

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara : So so with this, I don't especially care for it because Rimmel mascaras irritate my eyes a lot I think I'm a little bit allergic to them. However, it gave nice natural lashes and nothing too extreme.. but I didn't use it much because of the irritation. 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool : I love this, it's my favorite powder and I'm already nearly through another one. I also have a feeling it's like £1.99 or something amazing. 

And more cotton pads. 

Diesel LoveOverdose : This is my favorite perfume - it's got a sweet licorice scent to it, and it lasts literally all day, I still need to buy some more but saving up for it because it is expensive.. but perfume always is. 

Dolce and Gabbana Intense : This sample was nice and I actually really liked this although it was quite a mature scent it smelt really floral and fresh. 

Viva Wang Pink Princess : I've already got this in full size but in the Original Princess one, I like it - it's just my everyday perfume. 

Marc Jacobs Dot : This did not suit me at all, it smelt like vomit on me, Marc Jacobs perfumes hate me though so no surprise there. 

Until Tomorrow

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