Friday, 20 September 2013

My Fall Nail Collection Part 2

So, I really don't have a lot of Nail polishes which are for fall so I need to buy some but I have picked out a few from my Collection which can be worn during fall, I actually don't really gravitate towards dark colours because I am so pale but I do have a few.

I've split them into three categories:
 Nudes, Bolds and Metallic/Monochrome.

My pick for nudes are all colours which are super nice and not highly noticeable on the nails - they are great for formula and all good for things like work and formal events if you don't want something bright - although not really noticeable they are shades which you look twice at and think 'ooooh'.

Ciate - The pinky/purple is a free one which I lost the number or name for - sadly I also cannot find the link for because it came free with a marieclare magazine. 
Ciate - Mini - Caviar set of Shooting Star (that shade) but came with Cookies and Cream, This is a really pretty mutual brown and is a perfect nude after two - three coats but still nice after one. 
Nails Inc - Summer Collection - Belgravia Gardens is the shade and it's good which just one coat, its a slightly darker colour than the ciate but not super noticeable - great for school or work.
Topshop - Keepinit Sweet - This is a great mutual pink if you don't want anything too girly or in your face. It's got to have two - three coats if you want it opaque.

I had a hard time finding some that weren't too summery, I don't like my nails being super hard and I think the darkest colour I have is a navy blue. 

Barry M - Rasberry - This is great after two coats but you must let it dry, Barry M have a fantastic shade selection but they're formulas don't dry super quick so make sure you're careful - this colour in particular is one of my favorites, I wore it at my prom - the perfect berry colour.
Bourjous - 1 Seconde Gel - Bleu Water - This is still a summer colour but because its a darker light blue I thought it was good so you wouldn't really forget that it's September and that the weather is still kinda alright.  One coat is needed - drys fast.
Revlon - 640 Fearless - This is a true true red, it's perfect with a little black dress, and to be honest perfect with anything, one coat is needed, shiny formula and amazing lasting power. 
Revlon Moon Candy - Meteor - I actually don't like the glitter in these, but I'm not keen on glitter anyway but I really like the dark khaki green in this, it's super opaque and lasts ages. 
Nails Inc - Primrose Hill Gardens, this is also part of the Summer collection, although it is bright I think it's also a nice fall colour to remember.. its only just been summer. 

Maybelline - Colour Show -  661 Ocean Blue is a beautiful blue with sparkle, I love this its a beautiful colour and the formula of these are amazing, they do not get enough attention compared to other drugstore nail colours. 
Topshop - Eclipse, This is a monochrome between green/blue/yellow and it's beautiful - if you give it more than one coat it can look darker but it does only need one coat. Great to spice up a night look. 
Ciate - Wait Until Dark is my favorite sparkly plum/dark purple, it's amazing on the toes and is beautiful for going out - one coat is needed for this and no top coat needed.
Revlon - Extravagant is a beautiful metallic purple, great for the toes, fantastic formula and one coat needed. 
Barry M - 320 Foil Effects 251 is a beautiful gold colour and because its a foil the formula is great with just the one coat.

Whats your favorite nail colour for fall? 
Until tomorrow, 

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