Monday, 9 September 2013

I'm going to miss you way too much..

I just wrote this and the whole this disappeared so, here it is again!
So I've been hiding this for a few months, you may think it's a bit lame but you know I don't really care at this point - I'm writing this about my best friends who I'm going to miss so much and I think some of this will be a bit of a shock to some of them.
Yes, I like anime.. so I'm nerdy, I'm obsessed with cosmetics.. and I was really angry at some points in school but I just didn't tell anyone and I'm over that now because well it's over and you lot made me so much happier.
I first wanted to say; because I'm guessing he'll look. Aaron.. You're the best brother ever and I'm so proud of you and the comedy. <3 Obviously I still love Josh just as much but.. haha!
I still don't know what I wanna be but I'm proud of all my friends for how far they've come so.. you guys have fun with ANOTHER 3 YEARS OF EDUCATION. >:)
I know I'm sarcastic all the time but.. this isn't and I love you all.

I've just realized how this makes us look like.. all we do is dress up and drink.. 
Lets be honest though.. we do.

Harriet - Don't go. I love you so much you sassy girl, so many good nights and bad ones have started at your beautiful house.. the new owners aren't going to know what hit them, years of getting twirly. You eating bread, drinks spilled everywhere, pizza cooked far too often and well you know what you're like when you drink <3 Girly I'm going to come visit you so much just to party - Love love loveeeee you :)

Katie - We hate so many things that are the same, mostly people together <3 I love our walks and our little days out to get coffee, you are literally my bestest friend and I don't think I'd ever wish for a better one. I'm going to come and visit you with a packet cake mix to bake.. it will be barbie.

Emma, Emily and Georgia -  You three girls, are the cutessttttttt babies ever <3 I'm so glad we joined groups to make gingers and freaks <3 my old friends being the freaks and you being the gingers :) I wouldn't of done so much without you all and.. I've even gained the love of your mums.. Emily I'm yet to get yours. :) I'll work on it. I'll miss you all and I'll be sure to visit <3 

If I haven't mentioned you.. its being my right arm aches but you haven't been forgotten I love you all so much and my whole two years of college have been so amazing because of you all! 
I know some people are going to be like 'ew so gay writing about this lame stuff' but you know. Filling my time with something other than Tesco is healthy and I know for a fact I wanna do something in Cosmetics or Book related when I'm a bit older :) 

And lastly.. Siobhan! I just wanted to say a little thankyou, your blog made that little push for me to make this so i love you also <3 and check hers out on   here: 

Please don't get pissed off when i link this on twitter now, you'll have to live. 
I love you all: a few names of others; Lisa, Jodie, Chloe, Cherelle, Beth, Martha, Willow, Jess, Nicole, Izzie, Nisha & Vix



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  2. Babe - so proud of you for starting this blog. Its a really productive way to spend your time; this is the RIGHT thing to be doing. Trust me

    I know you might be a bit confused about what to do now, but you'll figure it out in time. Just trust me, again.

    The thing that struck me most reading this..... my GOD does it remind me of when I was your age (sorry!). I too did way too much fancy dress and spilt drinks on the floor (at Harriets house!).

    If I have learnt one thing, in my whole life..... Friendship never ends. In 10 years time you'll be telling these same stories at a hen party, or a wedding. Trust me (or ask Sabrina)!


    Aaron (number one son x)