Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favorites 2013

So as you all know August finished way too early and I didn't even realise until the month had finished September isn't going to be the best month I can already tell with my friends all going off to uni, I'm still stuck in my tiny village working at Tesco. 
It isn't all bad because to be fair all my work friends are still here and I enjoy their company greatly and a few of my other friends are staying as well with third years at college and apprenticeships. I'm hoping to start driving again in the new year and then find a second job in something I enjoy more. 
It will be sad to see some of my best friends go and before they leave I think I'll reveal this blog to them with pictures and stuff. 

This month I've literally been working with only one week were I didn't to go work because it was results night so I went out and also celebrated some birthdays. Including two friends and my brother so I only really stuck to the makeup I usually wear. However I have found some new things which I'm so thankful for and I did step out of my comfort zone a bit. 

The first is something I've had for quite some time but because of the consistency I never seemed to like it - The Body Shop: Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash is something I brought on a whim when I just needed a new wash I get £10 off £25 shop and 10% off their so I can't say no to that. At first I didn't like it because I hate the smell of this range, I had just used the facial wipes and they burned so I wasn't looking forward to this at all but it would of been a waste of money if I didn't use it. Now that my skin type has changed - I have less skin patches and it's fairly combination it works really well without burning and.. now that I've used it.. I barely even notice the smell. Now I use this every morning because it's so refreshing as well. 

Nivea Chapstick: Original Formula. My mum gave me this sometime a few months back because when we are both getting over illness we tend to get disgusting chapped lips - and i'm talking were they bleed. She didn't use it and my lips were looking sore and horrible. This stuff is amazing - it lasts for at least an hour and a half through drinking and I've been applying this most mornings after I've brushed my teeth and scrubbed my lips.  

Rimmel Notting Hill Nude Lipstick from the newest range is great - I brought this the day that Lilly Pebbles wrote that this was a dupe for one of Tom Ford's lipsticks. I had never tried a nude lip before because as you can tell if you've read my lipstick collection - I love pinks. But this looked really nice - it made my lips look a lot toned down without making me look ill or unhealthy. (I have quite red lips naturally but my skin is pale so I can often look ill when my lips go lighter) Check out Lilly Pebbles post here if you want a more in depth review: here!  

Real Techniques Blush Brush. Before this I just used either my Models Own blush brush or a Body Shop one - this works so nicely and much better my others - I now think i own most Real Techniques brushes but.. they are good! 

Maybelline Colossal Eyes in Brown/Black. I really like this mascara but then again I like most of the Maybelline Mascaras. This leaves your eyes with a nice natural finish so it's not too dramatic. 

Until Tomorrow, 

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