Thursday, 19 September 2013

25 Facts About Me

So I haven't painted my nails today, may do that later so I thought I'd to a little tag here is 25 Facts about me. 

1) I can literally read anything, it doesn't even have to be good, i'll get through it even if it takes me months. 
2) I never went through a rebellious stage in my Teenage years, my friends all did I just never really thought about it. 
3) I've worked in Tesco for nearly 2 and a half years, on check outs and it was my very first job.
4) I'm the most sarcastic person you'll ever meet.
5) My friends all know where they stand with me because I'm brutally honest and kinda mean sometimes, therefore you'll always know if I like you.
6) I cannot eat soggy food, I couldn't even be paid to eat a bowl of soggy cereal. 
7) I have an A level in Health and Social but I do not for the life of me want to work in that field
8) I wanna work in Beauty, Cosmetics or Write about books or anything.
9) My dream is to go to L.A and I'm currently saving for it. 
10) I'm not too creative unless it's writing.. if only someone would give me an opportunity.
11) I'm a massive nerd, I love anime, manga, reading and watching science fiction.
12) I loveeeeeeeeee watching documentarys (I could spend a whole day doing it) 
13) If I get into it, I'll watch a TV Series for the Whole day.
14) My mum is more of a best friend to me, I literally like go to the cinema and stuff with her.
15) Pink is my favorite colour.
16) My brothers friends used to call me Casper the Friendly Ghost because I was so pale, now its caught onto my friends. 

17) I could spend the whole day in the sun and would only ever burn
18) I've only ever broken one bone, my wrist when I was little
19) I had braces for just over 2 years.
20) I was once right handed, now I'm left handed but however when I cut bread, eat dinner etc I continuously switch my hands.
21) I have child like sized handed.
22) I have double jointed thumbs.

23) I'm incredibly messy
24) I never used to wear much makeup except mascara and eyeliner.
25) I got all my acne and spots in Year 7 but it was never severe. 

Thankyou for reading, 

ATTENTION: Looking for someone who could possibly create and label and background for me for free - I'm no good with that stuff. Contact me on twitter if you can, all you need to know is in my about page. 


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