Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Something Toothy..

Hey guys, so today I thought I'd something a little personal with you so you get to know me a little more. 
Two years a go I left my secondary school with the confidence of the wet sock, I had just split with my boyfriend of around nearly two years and I had two surgeries, My anger was going through the roof and I wasn't a very nice person. 

Around a year before I left I had my first surgery, I remember the day like it was yesterday but the ordeal just wasn't very nice. I went to the dentist for a general check up I knew that I'd have to have a baby canine removed at some point because my adult canine had grown behind it, it was kind of just off from the center of my mouth I therefore also knew I'd have to have braces. My teeth had grown slowly anyway and my adult teeth grew fast (I got my wisdom teeth when I was 12-13) I went through to have an x-ray on where the left canine was located.. I went home and later that evening we got a call from my dentist saying I'd have to have my tooth removed and she had arranged an appointment for a few weeks to see a doctor, no other information. 

The removing of my tooth was fine, minus the fact that I now had a huge gap visible when I smiled. I went home feeling sad, pathetic and very self conscious because I knew there was far more to come. I went to te hospital hoping nothing was too bad, unluckily my canine was located lying next to my jaw bone and it was growing upwards. Therefore.. it would never actually come out. The doctors gave me two options to consider quickly:
1) Have the adult tooth removed, get braces anyway and then have a bridge put in when I was around 30 years old. I would also have a very large concave in my mouth and a lot of scarring. 
2) Have surgery to open my mouth up and move the tooth and attach something to help it come down, have braces and have minimal scarring.
I think It's obvious that I took the second option. The surgery went smoothly and it was the first operation I had, although I came and they said I could leave when I was feeling up to it, little did I know.. I felt fine.. left still high on the drugs and covered in blood (they hadn't even cleaned me up) 
The nights after the surgery were horrible, i woke up choking out congealed blood and it ended all over me when I woke up, I couldn't eat much and I had to watch everything because of infection. My brother told me my mouth looked like something out of a horror movie.. sadly.. I had school on the Monday after.. I didn't want anyone to look but so many people asked because my mouth was bruised, my teeth were bloody and I had a lovely massive bruise on my hand from the operation. 

After around 7 months I had fully healed and I had got the braces put on for a few month, the tooth was coming down slowly and by the time it was 8 months the last link on my canine had shown.. they put it on the last link with the brace but it was too much pressure for my tooth to handle and it popped off (no pain with that) I went back the next day and they hold me the worst news i could handle.. I'd have to have the gum cut away with more surgery..
They told me I could be asleep or awake but I decided it was easier to be awake and quicker. They then, underestimated how much gum they would have to remove. I basically had exactly the same surgery but awake.. covered in blood again i left extremely pissed off with a pissed off mother also. 
The nights ahead and the look of it was ten times worse then the first time. I HATE DOCTORS. 

I then got an infection in my saliva gland after the second surgery because the assistant nurse held the tube next to my gland.. therefore it blocked with a hard substance.. I nearly had to have bloody more surgery but thankfully the drugs worked. That kinda made me annoyed because.. if you wanna be a doctor DON'T cause more pain on your patients.

Two years later in college during my first year, i finally got the yes to get my braces off! I was so happy and now.. i will never be open to more knifes towards my face. I currently have perfectly straight teeth but.. I have some visible scars in my actual mouth not on the outside. And I cannot feel the left side of my mouth, I also have to constantly be careful with food because where they cut the gum away never healed over properly. 

I am now happy to smile.. although i'm still not very toothy anyway but my confidence is back to normal.
This is one of the reasons why I do not really take pictures of myself that often. 

I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe it was gruesome but.. it's something personal to me.
Until tomorrow, 

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  1. So brave of you to write this!! Sounds like an awful thing to go through! You're on the other side now though :-)

    Chloe xx