Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jill Mansell - Favorite Authors #1

Okay so i'm starting a new thing for when I don't have anything to write about that beauty related and I do not want this whole blog to just have two days non-beauty related. So I've decided that on days where i have nothing new to share this can be a good filler. 
Side note: I'm sorry about yesterdays whats on my face not going up - I didn't change much in what i was wearing and I had very minimal on to be honest. 

Today i'm going to talk about Jill Mansell - I started reading Mansell's books around two years ago when i picked up An Offer You Can't Refuse - I had never really read Dramas/Romance before this and I had stuck to what I thought I loved.. Once I had read that first book, I couldn't stop reading her books - The great thing about the books is that they aren't your typical soppy, fantasy, princess romance a lot of books are - These ones you can literally imagine as real life scenarios.  
Mansell is great at building her characters and you mentally feel like you actually know them by the end of book - there have been many times where I've read through one of her books and actually cried because of the emotion. 
There is not one book i have read where I was disappointed, I've always loved each one and i cannot wait to start her newest Don't Want to Miss a Thing. 
If you like girly books with some drama, romance and a bit of sex well you'll love these!
You could even find one to relate to your own life. 

Jill Mansell is a writer who lives in Bristol UK - her books can be found online, Supermarkets, WHSmiths and Waterstones among other places but you can find her books on her own website:
I can't wait to
And if you ever read this Jill - Your amazing, thankyou! 

This is not a sponsered post - Thankyou, 

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