Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How I Store My Cosmetics?!

Hey guys because I haven't got a Whats On my Face to share with you as I'm not wearing any makeup I thought I'd show you how I've organised makeup, cosmetics, creams, skin care etc. I only have a small area because my vanity isn't very large and I'm still in my family home with my parents. 
I generally keep anything I'm not using in the drawer under my bed and everything on the shelves I'm about to show you I use often. 

Okay so as you can see the whole make up collection is in that pink bag, I just keep it in there so I know where it is, next to that is my two bags with brushes them; I don't have them in jars because I keep that in sections of most used etc. Behind them I have my three boxes from Benefit - I have How to Look Best at Everything, Bronze of Champions and Feelin' Dandy. Behind that is a box from FCUK and a closer look at that is next. I also keep my primer and tweezers in the brush bag.

In this box i keep general things I reach for daily, I have cotton buds, my daily cleanser from Body shop which i'm trying to use up, two moisturizer (Jergens and Garnier), two palettes; my Stila and theBalm, my witch spot treatments and an extra bar of Dove soap below the cotton buds.  Kept next to that I have my Garnier deodorant, my Clinique foundation and my full coverage Bourjois foundation. 

These are the only palettes I have in those areas and in my whole collection.. as you can see I have an unhealthy obsession with nudes.. I have my Naked Basics, Stila in the Light, Nude Tude from TheBalm, MUA Palette, and my Stila Happily Ever After palette,

As you can see this is a very general area, on the far left I have Nivea Face wipes, samples and single face masks, my Bourjois Bronzer, two lid stuff quads from Soap and glory and two single pan eyeshadow's from Pixi.
I have my coconut body scrub which is so yummy during fall and winter and just lurking behind that is my Body shop Vit E Oil-Based Toner. Behind that is my my Taylor Taylor nail varnish remover, next to my body spray I  have a Pink grape fruit facial cleanser for my evenings, in front of that I have Dove roll on deodorant, Simple eye cream, my Witch primer, and a Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush. In front of those I have my Body shop Satsuma soap in a little soap dish, a grapefruit body butter, my hello kitty palette that I use for a mirror and my tangle teezer, behind that also is a Body Puree in grapefruit.  Within the whole stack you can also see my pink teezing comb
And finally right at the back I have my DKNY perfume for the evening, a walnut scrub and two body butters which I'm not currently using ones a Coconut one to match the body scrub and the other is a Raspberry one. 

Here you can see is were i keep my Michael todd stuff, I use this on times where my skin needs a good pick me up preferably on days were I've been ill and if I've had a few drinks etc.
I also have my Remington paddle brush, my lip balms (Nivea is my favorite) at the back and a huge tub of E45 Cream for my Eczema or any bites etc. Behind all that is my general storage for jewelry and things.

This is the top shelf which has all my hair stuff as the back, perfumes like DKYN, Prada candy, Diesel, and Vera Wang. a peel off mask, a tube of toothpaste which I keep in here because my parents would use it. Some strawberry shower gel and a scrub is also on this shelf. (I will one day show you my teeth and explain the work I've had on them) 

This is the shelf were I keep nail care, nail colour and skincare. I have two facial scrubs here - St Ives (right at the back) and my Visibly Clear (orange bottle) I also have my coco butter body stuff up here because its easy to reach with my bio oil. I have a lot of oils for my body because I do have pigmentation problem were I get stretch mark looking scars in areas were I do not put on weight so, that explains the bio oil at my age. I also have my nose strips, ear buds, more cotton wool, my razor (ew) and my exfoliate gloves. 

I'll show you my actual makeup collection soon, until then.
 Byeee :) 

Upcoming posts: Makeup collection, nails of the days (brothers 21st birthday meal and ootd), How i deal with my scarring and skin condition, Book collection, Teeth diary (my experience) 

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